Random thoughts on 3.21

Let’s start with the poll for this episode.

Well, this for sure was a very different episode. Do I need this every week? Surely not. But it was entertaining and somewhat refreshingly different. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’ll continue this train of thought at the end of the review.

When the show starts everyone knows something different is going on. Actually I really liked this.


Seeing this I have to rip into another show for a minute or so, because I had a really good laugh about that one this week. Talking about Castle here. Yes, I do watch that show, so sue me. πŸ˜‰ Couple of years ago I would have even called myself a fan, now I only watch it though. Big difference. Anyway. I have to laugh at the rip-off Castle is doing from poor Hawaii Five-0. And what a botched up job they are doing. I noticed a few eps back they used the cool thingy Five-0 used in the bank robbery ep a few months back.

This is what I’m talking about.


And a short while ago Castle came up with the same thing. Lame. Now they are wearing thigh holsters. That really cracked me up. As I told Cokie, they can wear all the thigh holsters in the world, that won’t transfer them to Hawaii, or make a McGarrett out of them. I actually think it looks kind of ridiculous. Kate’s holster is so low, she will never be able to even grab her gun; it’s at her knee.


But Monday’s episode took the cake. Really, Castle? One of your main characters triggers a bomb and can’t move for a few hours until it is defused? And in the meantime the partner is staying and ‘entertaining’ the trapped one? And we see flashbacks? Very original. Reminds you of an episode from Five-0, maybe?

But I guess imitation is the highest compliment there is, isn’t it?

Okay, back to our show.

I really liked the start of the show with the fake daytime talk show host. That was really nicely done. And I liked her little speech about her ride along with Five-0. Unscripted, unedited and unbelievable. Well, are you ready for the ride? Are you open minded enough to go into a very different episode of your favorite show? If you are and you are willing to come along, you will enjoy yourself.

I really enjoyed all the different views we got in this episode. It started with the introduction of Five-0 HQ and the information about it. They even managed to show us things we’ve never seen before. My compliments to the show to come up with a totally different style and view.


We start off with entering HQ and the introduction of the first member of Five-0, which happens to be their leader. Lieutenant Commander Steven McGarrett. Loved the introduction with the kid pictures. It was said that the little guy was Alex and the two others his son Saxon. Well, there is no doubt that the one in the football jersey is Saxon for sure. I think it’s really cool that Alex was comfortable enough for his son to do this and to use the pictures on the show. He is normally very guarded about his family. Which I’m totally cool with, but I think he is a lot more relaxed about it since he’s in Hawaii. There were even some pictures of Spike he was obviously okay with. I’m pretty sure we don’t have to wait 15 years to see little Lion. Guess as soon as he is running around. So, not much longer. (The picture with Saxon at SOTB 2012 is an official one and not a paparazzi picture, those you will not find on this blog. Only pictures Alex is comfortable with.)

And I loved it that they didn’t show any pics of Danny. And not for the reasons you think. No, I think it was perfectly in character for Danny not to cooperate. Steve on the other hand gets an order from his boss to cooperate with the talk show guys, and he will do his best to do so. Not so Danny. He tells her openly that he is strongly opposed to the whole idea, and I’m sure he would not provide her with any pictures. Maybe she could have gotten her hands on the Police Academy calendar pic though. LOL

So, no pics from young Danny. Well, Scott Caan didn’t look much different when he was a kid, so really not much we missed out on.

“Ehm, I’m sorry, was I supposed to say something back to you?” LOL I loved it how they all stayed in character and not tried to please the ‘reporter’. Well, except for Max, but we’ll come to that.







I totally loved those little things, like blurring some images in the background. They do that on the news sometimes, when there is something inappropriate or advertisements in the background. They did it here too. I like it that they are thinking about such small things.


There is another little thing I love about H50, they think about what happened to their guys last time we saw them. Look at Steve; you can still see the healing injury from when he was injured in North Korea. I really like it when the show remembers such things. It’s not always the case, but most of the times they do.


Kono was just as reserved as the others about giving out information or even talking to their ‘shadow’.


I was a bit surprised that we got the title sequence for Five-0, I thought they might skip it for this one. That would have been quite cool actually. But I guess that is not gonna happen.


But I liked it that they kept the fonts in the theme like the fake talk show.


Now we come to a part I think was really off. Max Bergman. I’m sorry, but Max was introduced three years ago as the socially awkward genius. And they kept that image up over the years. He got a little better with people he knows for a while, but no one would call him as someone who interacts with people ‘normally’. And to believe that he was a ‘party animal’ in college? I’m sorry, but I have a really hard time believing that. His whole behavior with Savannah was really off.


Uh, Max busted.


Oh, look who was also invited to the party.


Wow, shootout right in front of the camera. I bet Savannah expected something very different to what is happening. But I must say I’m getting a bit disappointed in our guys. This is the second time that they lost in a shootout with Wo Fat. Maybe it is time to send them all back to the shooting range. No one was able to hit him? That is quite unbelievable.

And please can someone tell me why they didn’t go after him when he drove off? They simply thought, oh well, he got away, let’s get HPD look for him? That was really stupid.




I liked it how kind of shy Kono was about her tech skills. Xbox – LOL


Any resemblance? Just kidding. They better NOT go there. Just saying.


First time I didn’t like Max. But as I said I think his character was totally off.


I totally loved Danny’s attitude regarding the camera team. “Beat it, go away.” LOL


I think it was adorable how different Charlie Fong looked during his screen time. Very cleverly done.


I liked it that they didn’t break their pattern and still went to Kamekona for lunch. And of course the big guy tried to use it for his enterprise.



This part I truly really loved. The cargument from the other side. That was great and a totally different perspective. Loved it. And she’s a clever one. They love each other. That is surely true.





And another great stunt from the amazing stunt team of Five-0. 58 feet down into 8 feet deep water.

“Welcome to my world.” Danny, this was a good one.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After they talked to the victim’s girlfriend they found out that the removed skin was a tattoo. So they went to the tattoo shop to hopefully get a copy of it.


Seriously writers? The victim tattooed the map onto his arm so he doesn’t forget where he buried something? I’m sorry but this whole storyline about the tattoo and Wo Fat going after it and the ‘treasure’ is really too far out there, and simply as Savannah told us in the beginning, unbelievable.


Loved how they got Catherine into the episode, and I liked all the information we got. Her CO and Steve going way back is valuable information. And I’m sure they both enjoy their little game playing about breakfast and dinner plans. πŸ˜‰ And I loved her It’s none of America’s business. LOL


Well, Miss Savannah, 3D printers are great, but they work neither that fast nor that precise to duplicate an engraved plate to print 100 $ bills. But nice try though. That was really a bit farfetched.


After some brainstorming in the office we’re going out to find the hidden treasure and get some more information about Hawaii. Very nice.



Can someone tell what Steve has hanging from the safety hook on his vest?


No, Steve, not fair, we don’t want to stay back. We want in on the action.


I must say catching Wo Fat was kind of anticlimactic, but I actually liked it. He is such a brilliant villain, and getting caught in such a way was kind of cool. And I loved the use of the phone camera.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really liked her tribute to the task force. I think it was great to acknowledge what law enforcement officers do every day to keep people safe.


Well, looks like Wo Fat is not going anywhere. At least for a short while.

I really liked the ending with Steve at the hospital. He does care. If he wants to admit it or not.



So, I guess it’s time for my verdict? Well, you already pretty much got it in the beginning. I thought the episode was refreshing and interesting. But I felt like an outsider, I had a hard time to connect to what was happening. I like it a lot more when I’m right in the middle of it. Their normal style makes me part of the team, and I missed that this time.

But I still enjoyed it. It had great fun moments in it and some drama. But all in all I don’t need this kind of show again.

Therefore this one gets a B minus.

15 thoughts on “Random thoughts on 3.21

  1. Your report reminds me there were a few funny moments but l I felt like this show made me feel like there was a barrier between me and the team and action. A one off, ok but I wouldn’t like to see this kind of show again.
    Thanks for your thoughts and pics hon.


  2. No, I don’t need to see this type of episode again, but while it had so much in it that I loved, it wasn’t for an everyday person who chooses to watch Hawaii Five-0 one night. They would think it was totally stupid. LOVED little pieces of it, most of which you commented on. The history, Steve’s background… LOVED the photos although I still think the middle one is Alex, too. Look at the facial structure and it looks more like him than Saxon. But I love the pic of Saxon in the football get-up. What a great idea! Loved the part with Catherine. I think Max was way over the top, but remember, Max is telling her all about his college days, from HIS point of view. I don’t believe for a minute that Max Bergman, aka Beerman, was really anything other than a geek. Shoot, when they go out now, does he even drink beer? I think much of that was just talk… I don’t appreciate Savannah using him like that… not cool. Although I’m surprised Steve gave the camera back to her in one piece.

    I did like what Savannah gleaned from each person and her remarks about them. That was good.

    What I didn’t like? Kono’s hat. Max’s bragging about college. Wo Fat’s escape… well, let’s face it, Wo Fat’s involvement in this was a bit baffling. Why does he need $100 money plates? Fake ones at that. The tattoo map was stupid. And in that huge forest, they managed to find the two trees??? A bit far-fetched. And another question… how was Wo Fat tipped off in all of this? He was one step ahead of them.

    Now we know that Wo Fat is a pilot, too. Although he was shot down. Interesting.

    And now, I have a question. What was Steve thinking while standing there at the foot of the hospital bed? Any ideas anyone???


  3. and I have another comment… I liked it much better than a B-. Maybe a B+ for me. It was different and once again Lenkov went out on a limb and tried something new. I think that is good.


    • Yes, I agree it is good to try soemthing different. And he is doing a good job with that. But I think this episode could have been a lot better. There were a lot of plot holes in it.

      And I felt like Sherry, I missed to be part of the team. That’s why the B minus. In the poll I voted good. So, it was not a bad episode but not a great one either.


  4. Hey, Sam! What a fantastic review! I thoroughly enjoyed your take on 3.21 as I had almost the same reaction to it! I also voted “good” in the pool, but I might have liked it a little more than you – at least a B+ if not an A-. I felt it was time for us to see our team through the eyes of a fictional “real” audience. Know what I mean? Even week for almost 3 full seasons we have been an invisible part of 5-0 – intimately taking part in the stories. In 3.21, we were asked to entertain how the team and their actions would be perceived by ordinary people – Savannah Walker and her audience, and I really enjoyed this.

    Our team exemplified their personalities through their responses to Savannah.Even Max – who I agree was completely over the top – but here even that is kind of true to his character. He has quite the active fantasy world, and as Danny succinctly stated – ” lost him to Hollywood.” I do agree that Max “Beerman” is a figment of Max’s imagination!

    Can I say that was my favorite cargument of almost the entire series – certainly of this season! You sure get a different perspective when you’re sitting in the back seat!

    Sure, there were lots of plot holes – no argument there. Of course #1 being there is no way on God’s green earth that a talk show’s producers would be able to jiggle a few things to get a “by the book” governor to “encourage” his elite crime fighting task force to allow a film crew to such an in depth ride along! But what an interesting, completely irrational way for Wo Fat to meet his demise! He needs money to rebuild his empire. He’s a globally wanted man, so his usual nefarious methods of raising capital are denied him! He’s desparate enough to latch onto any means to get some cash – counterfeit or real! And here’s where his downfall happens – he made mistakes. Although the master of disappearing into the background, Wo Fat never expected the detail hungry Savannah Walker to physically stop the HPD officer walking away from the scene of the crime and ask him questions! One thing led to another and the team was on to him! Poor Wo Fat, the master criminal, the sadistic torturer and robotic murderer, brought to his knees and a hospital bed by an enterprising journalist.

    What’s Steve thinking as he stands at the foot of the hospital bed? Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it, Wo Fat?

    Yes, I liked the format for this episode. No, I don’t want or expect to see this again. Once got the point across. It’s a DANNY episode next week – we might be sparring a little more over that one, Sam!

    BTW! THANK YOU for bringing up Castle and it’s copycatting this past week! I ranted about that elsewhere and glad to see I wasn’t the only one who picked up on it! What I want to know is, why is it “so cute, and best episode ever” for Castle, but when H50 had a roller derby storyline after Bones did, it was a rip off and unoriginal?


    • I’m sure we will ‘fight’ over next week’s episode. I already ranted about the promo. LOL

      I really have no idea why that Castle episode is even considered good. It’s about 15 minutes of new material and the rest is a compilation of scenes from the last five seasons. That doesn’t make a good episode in my eyes.

      Unfortunately there is a double standard, especially from the Castle fans. Castle can’t do any wrong and it’s just the best show on earth. A lot of them are pretty blind to reality.

      I AM a fan of Five-0, but that doesn’t mean I think every episode is just awesome. I still can see what is not working in my eyes, and I’m not blind to the flaws of the show.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion with us. And I’m looking forward to next week. πŸ˜‰


  5. The thingy on his vest is a clip holding a cell phone cover! His pants were to tight to fit his phone πŸ˜‰
    As to vote for this one, it’s on the bottom on my Season 3 list!!


    • Strange kind of cell phone on his thingy clip, like mine cavewomen-typ-cell ! Maybe a satellite phone? You’re well trained ladies to spot this kind of clip thingy πŸ˜‰ ! (I love the word “thingy”, never hear of it till now, I love it thingy, thingy, thingy!)


  6. I loved the grey/green pants – fitted much better than cargo’s!! πŸ˜€ Too tight for cell phone – love it!! πŸ™‚ I agree – no tone of the better episodes this year, but they are all ‘watchable’!


  7. Nice recap! I’m going to enjoy reading your blog, I can tell.

    I wasn’t a fan of this episode, and one of the reasons was that I felt disconnected from it. As you mentioned, an outsider.

    I didn’t realize those were pics of Saxon! What a great idea. He does look so much like Alex. Thanks for filling me in on that.

    I said the same thing about that they needed to go to the firing range and practice some more, if they couldn’t hit Wo Fat or even shoot out the tires.

    Charlies was adorable, and the backseat view of the cargument was fun. It’s cool that they behave the same way in front of anyone. They’re so comfortable together, it’s just a part of their natural relationship.


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