Season 2 poll – final part

Season 2 – Episode 20 – 23

Here you go; the last 4 episodes for your consideration. The actual poll for season 2 will be activated on Friday.

Credits for the pictures to CBS and as credited on the pictures. Again a big thank you to for her incredible work on the screen shots. If there is no credit on the pic, it’s my own screen shot.

Season 2 – Episode 20 – April 9, 2012


Max reveals shocking information about his childhood to help the team track a serial killer who may have ties to Max’s past.

Season 2 – Episode 21 – April 30, 2012

Pa Make Loa

Danny and Chin Ho partner with NCIS agents Sam Hanna and G. Callen to track down a suspect who’s threatening to release a deadly virus on the population.

This is the first part of the crossover with NCIS:LA which aired the next day.

Season 2 – Episode 22 – May 7, 2012

Ua Hopu

McGarrett finally gets his hands on Wo Fat in a special ops raid he has coordinated with Interpol in Osaka. Their flight back ends in a plane crash on Oahu and he and Wo Fat find themselves on the run from the Japanese Yakuza who have the order to kill Wo Fat.

Meanwhile the team investigates the death of a CIA agent that is related to Wo Fat. They have to hurry to save Steve and Wo Fat from the wrath of the Yakuza, and Kono from Adam Noshimuri.

Things get really complicated when Danny is kidnapped by the CIA.

I’m pretty sure we all remember this episode very vividly without any reminders necessary. 😉

If you also thought that Steve got away too easy from that plane crash you might like to read this little story:


Season 2 – Episode 23 – May 14, 2012

Ua Hala

Five-0 needs the help of an imprisoned dirty cop to track down a suspect who killed captain Fryer and set off a bomb at HPD headquarters. Meanwhile, Joe White returns and promises to reveal the identity of Shelburne to Steve.

Lots of people are getting shot in this episode, from Fryer over Steve who takes three slugs to the vest while saving Chin, to innocent bystanders. This was probably the episode with the most direct action. The first 30 minutes were just one roller coaster ride from one crime scene to the next. And then the real part of the episode started. The season’s cliffhanger.

2 thoughts on “Season 2 poll – final part

    • LOL – right, I believe that. Besides, I think the episode speaks for itself.

      I tried not to express my opinion on an episode too much in the summary. Of course it’s impossible to be completely neutral. I’m just human after all. LOL


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