Update on review for 3.20

You know I’m kind of disappointed. Actually I’m really disappointed.

If anyone has a problem with this review he or she should address me directly. Plenty of ways to do that. Here in the comments, on twitter or even via email. But it is NOT cool to harass Peter Lenkov, who did nothing but acknowledge that he received a link to this review, even though I don’t even know from whom. But to go and tell him he would agree with this review, which he NEVER said at all, and in doing so bashing Kono, is simply stupid.

And if anyone thinks I would bash Kono, Danny, Chin or anyone on the show, obviously doesn’t know me at all. I respect all their hard work. But I simply don’t like the CHARACTER Kono. And I have every right to do so.

If anyone has a problem with that, man up and tell ME. Don’t go around and harass other people. They have a life of their own and don’t need such crap.

This is a TV-show for God’s sake. It is supposed to be fun. But some people make it really hard to have fun anymore. No wonder so many great sites disappeared. And it is no wonder a lot of actors think twice to even interact at all with the fans.

Shame on all of you who started bashing and harassing other people without the guts to even leave a comment here on the site. But I get it; it’s easy to vote that the show was awful without showing your face. Shame on you.

13 thoughts on “Update on review for 3.20

  1. Sorry someone has taken your well produced and thought out review to use against Lenkov when all he was doing was acknowledging a well written piece of work and interest in the show! Some people really need to get a life…and have the courage of their convictions instead of hiding behind other people’s skirts!
    You are so right when you say this type of person doesn’t know you. You have the most level headed way of discussing this show. You don’t deserve to be used in other people’s small minded arguments and you are so right, this is a TV show and should be the basis of fun,enjoyment, friendship and civil discussion.
    There are always people who want to destroy things for others aren’t there? I agree totally that if I was an actor, I would be hesitant about interacting with fans in case I came across characters like this! Unfortunately, because it has become possible to interact with actors, some fans have taken that as a sign that they have no limits in what they say to or about them! They show no respect whatsoever!


  2. Thank you for your kind words.

    It really makes me mad that people run around and use my words to harass other people. How dare they! If I would have a problem with anything I would go to the source and not whining about it addressing someone else.

    Peter Lenkov was nice enough to mention the review, but that is all he did. It was completely neutral. And people go and twist his words around. How sick is that?


  3. If Mr. Lenkov sent a review that bashed Catherine to his followers would u be ok with that? Would other Catherine fans be ok with that? Tell the Borth posse that if it ok for you to not like Kono it ok for every one to not like Catherine.


    • First of all, Kono does not get bashed in this review. Bashing someone looks very different. And yes, I would be completely fine with Mr. Lenkov tweeting links to reviews that have different opinions than my own.

      It is fine to not like Catherine or anyone else for that matter. But it is important to do that in a respectful manner. And that is the problem. Most Cath haters have no respect.

      I highly respect GP for her work, but it is something else for her character. Kono, I don’t like. But that is not GP’s fault. And I never bash Kono either. If I think her words were stupid, that is not bashing her. Not in my opinion and not in most other’s.

      Thank you for coming out and writing a comment. That is how it is supposed to be. Even though I’m not sure who you mean with ‘Borth posse’, I think something like that is uncalled for. And I certainly am not in the position to tell anyone to do anything.


  4. I’m really sad with what’s going on this fandom. I used to check ob Twitter but i stpoed. I watch this show because i love and enjoy it, but sometime it is really hard. I loved ep 3.20 i just love Steve, but i missed the team to be honest for me it was not 5-0. but i still loved it.
    I’m sure that the actors loved their free time πŸ˜‰
    I hope you won’t give up your site. I love your opinion even if i’m not always agree with it 😊


    • Not to worry, I’m not giving up on my blog or on Five-0. I get mad at the people who are trying to take the fun out of it with their nastiness, but I will not let them win.


  5. I don’t get it! Are people justing sitting out there on Twitter, waiting with baited breath, to pounce on every little tweet that can be twisted around to prove their own agenda? What is this fandom coming to? How dare people tell anyone ” you HAVE to read this” or “you acknowledge a blog so therefore you must agree with all it says!” People seem to be reverting back to junior high! It’s no longer a question of having a right to voice your opinion it’s become a matter of harassing everyone else with your opinion as if your opinion is the only one that matters! ALL factions are involved in this nonsense, IMO!

    I’m sorry this happened to you Sam, it’s an embarrassment you shouldn’t have been subjected to because you did nothing wrong! So many of the great blogs from S1 and 2 are gone now because they were hijacked by fans with beliggerant opinions who took the fun out of even writing the blog. I don’t read you every week, Sam, but when I do, I always enjoy your take!


    • Thank you, Lynette.

      I’m not sure what is happening with this wonderful fandom lately. A lot of nasty stuff happening. It’s really sad actually.

      I simply don’t get why others can accept different opinions. It’s a shame what Michelle Borth had to endure for example. People have no respect and think their opinion is the only right one. That is so wrong.

      I wished people would keep all their opinions about the character, and won’t make it about the actors. If I say I don’t like Kono, it only means I don’t like the character. But I highly respect Grace Park’s work she is investing in the character. That is a big difference. Besides it’s not GP who is responsible what her character is saying. πŸ˜‰

      I wish people would just chill out and enjoy the show. And if they don’t like it, simply don’t watch, but don’t try to take the fun out of it for others. Like with voting awful in every poll they can find. That is just stupid if they don’t say why they thought it was such a bad episode.

      I don’t expect everyone to read everything I write, or God forbid agree with it. How boring would it be if we were all thinking and liking the same stuff?


  6. I totally agree with Lynnette. it is an embarrassment for you and for all the fans who love the show and appreciate all that goes into filming an episode.

    I have to agree with your a+ although I haven’t had the chance to watch it all the way through again. so many things stand out. the emotion that was displayed in this episode was great and so well written and performed. many scenes that were so good. I guess my favorite was Steve with Freddie’s body. that really got to me.

    thanks Sylvia for taking the time to review these episodes and don’t let someone get you down who can’t respect other people and their viewpoints.

    oh… and thank you for pointing out about the tattoos. I didn’t even pay attention to the fact that Steve had none in those scenes. Love it!!!


    • Thanks Linda,

      It’s really a shame that people can’t respect the hard work that goes into making a TV show. No matter if they like the outcome or not.

      I had the privilege to watch a production for a whole day. No, it was not a TV show, but a low budged movie that was being filmed at the motel we were staying. Watching their dedication to their work and how many hours it took to film just a couple of minutes of film was really something. One of the actors was in the pool for hours and freezing his butt off. Filming the same scene over and over. I can tell you I would not have the patience to do that work. Waiting all day to film a few scenes again and again. And then have to listen to ‘fans’ who know everything better. Who would tell me what an awful job I did. That makes me so mad. That people have no respect for the job these people do.

      They spend many hours every day, to give us some great entertainment. It is totally okay that some people don’t like what they see, but it is not okay to rant about it without any form of respect.

      And it is not cool to use other peoples work to harass a producer of the show. How stupid can some people be? See, I’m still mad about it. πŸ™‚


  7. Totally agree, sometimes Im thinking that only 13 years old kids who like to destroy other people fun are watching hawaii five-0. For example I like to read some spoilers on spoilertv, and almost every time I see comments like “not interested, because there is Cath in it”, or “too much time for Cath in this episode… why she is in every episode and not Kono” and that’s really sad, because I am watching this show for fun not for only one character, I respect other people’s but those comments are rude. They have opinion about episode before watching it.
    I like every character in this show but because of some people I’m starting to feel like I’m the only one who takes what this show is giving me and not talking about what they should gave me, because Im fan so give me what i want or I’m not going to watch it. There are fans of Mckono, Mcdanno and other so how producers can satisfied every fan? They trying but for some people that’s not enough…
    Really it’s that hard to off the tv and stop watching a show when you obviously don’t like it, and where is the sense to watch a show for only one character? And watching only those episodes where that character is?
    People wake up and stop with all this nonsense, there is too much hate in this world and now in the Internet too. Seriously I’m only 21 and I already miss the times when people didn’t do such a things to other people, because everybody are doing it.
    I understand that now it’s time for “haters” in this world but I’m asking why?
    You really wants to have kids in world with that amount of hate, because I don’t .

    Ps. I’m sorry if somebody is feeling like I’m insulting other people, I don’t mean it, really, but I’m sorry if I did.



    • Don’t worry; I understand how upset you are about all this. And I agree with you on what is happening on spoilerTV.

      I think it is kind of ridiculous that people for example say they really like Steve but hate Cath. How can that be? Obviously Steve is very happy to be with Cath, so how can I hate the person that makes the one I supposedly like happy? Shouldn’t it be my desire to see that person happy? That is how it is supposed to be in real life, but I also think it’s how it should be on a show.

      How can I hate Cath and at the same time want something else for Steve?

      And have you noticed it is only about the women in Steve’s life the hate is directed at. There is never too much time spent with Kamekona, Max, Fong, Gabby or whoever. Only Steve can’t spent any time other than with Danny or better yet Kono.

      That mentality is kind of disgusting and not fair. I totally agree with you, if I hate something so much, I wouldn’t watch. They should just watch something else and go harass other people.


  8. Exactly, that’s what I don’t understand so much, why they don’t like Catherine, because nobody said a single reason to explain it, maybe they want Steve to be with Kono. Or maybe they just follow some persons, because now “it’s cool”. Or maybe they are reading too many fics with McKono, where Cath it’s a bad person lol.

    I know that this season is different than other two, but it’s a procedural, so for me it’s normal that they are trying to change something, they did great job with it. I know that there is not possible for everyone to accept those changings, but I don’t see a reason to harass other people or actors on public sites.


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