Number one – final part season 1

Here are the next five episodes to consider for our poll.

The actual poll will be posted later today and will be open until we start the final round of the favorite episodes from all seasons.

Season 1 – Episode 20 – April 11, 2011

Ma Ke Kahakai

The team investigates the death of a commercial fisherman whose body was found in an unexpected place, while the imminent death of Chin Ho’s aunt could reveal surprising new details about the stolen drug money.

I doubt that this episode is remembered because of the crime of the week. 😉 I will bet good money that most remember it for Steve and Danny going hiking, with Steve ending up with a boulder to his head and falling down the cliff. Breaking his arm in the process and getting some nasty abrasions. Kudos to the make-up department for that. They looked pretty good.



Season 1 – Episode 21 – April 18, 2011


Five-0 turns up the heat on a crime boss after the safe house of an undercover police officer who infiltrated his organization is compromised and his wife is killed.

Well, there was a lot of hype about P Diddy guest staring. I think he was rather boring and I gladly could go by without those supposedly great guest stars. But of course that is just my opinion.

You might remember this one for Kamekona trying to cook breakfast for Steve for a whole week.


Season 1 – Episode 22 – May 2, 2011

Ho’ohuli Na’au

While investigating the murder of a professional photographer, Five-0 discovers a connection to a local bookie. Meanwhile, Chin Ho covers for his uncle and claims that he has stolen the drug money.

The cast is off and Steve is enjoying a run up a trail. And we can enjoy the scenery. 😉


Season 1 – Episode 23 – May 9, 2011

Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau

Danny is exposed to sarin while Five-0 tries to track down Wo Fat, and Chin Ho’s plan to quietly return the money his uncle stole gets busted when IA finds out about it.

Uncle Steve makes an appearance, and we learn that Danny has an affair with a married woman. Has for a few weeks actually.


Season 1 – Episode 24 – May 16, 2011


After one of Governor Jameson’s assistants is killed, McGarrett discovers that the governor may have been working with Wo Fat and may have been the target of his father’s investigation. Things get complicated when Steve is framed for Laura Hills’ murder.


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