Name your number one


Five more episodes and we’re at the end of the season. Now is the perfect time to start a new poll.

This week I’d like to start with season 1, and then we will work our way to season 3. In the end we will get the most popular five episodes of all three seasons.

But let’s start slow. Let me explain how I think this should work.

  • Every other day I will present you with up to five episodes from season 1 (later then season 2 and 3) in one post.
  • You will get a summary, pictures and the occasional video. (Click on the thumbnail to get the full size version)
  • After we are done with one season I will post the poll for that season.
  • In the poll you can choose up to 8 episodes.

Why eight? Glad you asked. When you’ve picked 8 episodes for each season we will have a full set of 24 episodes to choose from in our final poll.

  • At the end you can then name 5 episodes out of those 24 elected.

I hope you will have just as much fun remembering all the episodes and naming your favorite ones.

Okay, let’s get right into it. Most of the screen captures I did myself, very few are from AOLRocks, a site that unfortunately no longer exists. Thanks Mizz. Promo pics from CBS, or as on the pics indicated.

Season 1 – Episode 01 – Sept. 20, 2010
(I know some call this episode 00, and count from the second ep forward. I find that very confusing, simply because this was the first episode. So let’s just call it 1.01.)


The Governor of Hawaii Pat Jameson (played by Jean Smart) authorizes Lieutenant Commander Steven McGarrett, then still with Navy Intelligence, to put together a special task force. Steve’s first job, besides recruiting members for his team, who are more or less willing to join, is to go after Victor Hesse, the man who killed his father.

This episode has one of my favorite scenes. Steve and Danny meet for the first time in the garage. I just loved it. “Now it’s my crime scene.” Hilarious. And so cool.

Season 1 – Episode 02 – Sept. 27, 2010


We learn more about the members of the team, and what kind of sacrifices one makes to be a cop. This episode has a great beginning with scenes of each of the four members of the task force.

The team works to rescue a computer expert who has been kidnapped by Serbian mobsters.

Most people will remember this episode either for Steve dangling one of the baddies off a roof, or for Steve emerging from the water, Chin for the first time on his Harley, or Kono being exited to graduate from the Academy. Maybe you remember best Danny making a mess in Steve’s house eating donuts and looking professional. 😉 Or for the hippo in the elevator. Whatever the case, we learned a lot about the team, and the episode had a sweet and moving ending.

Season 1 – Episode 03 – Oct. 04, 2010

Malama Ka Aina

When an escalating gang war spills into the stand of the local high school football game at Chin and Steve’s old school, and injuring several bystanders and killing a gang leader, the task force uncovers an unlikely partnership between Samoan gangs and a mainland mob.

Steve and Danny as James Bond and a waiter. Danny’s words, not mine. 🙂 Kono as a bar maid, and Chin as a bad ass with a shotgun. Enough said.

And most importantly, the task force finally has a name. Five-0.

Season 1 – Episode 04 – Oct. 11, 2010


Five-0 is on the trail of an escaped prisoner who is trying to take advantage of an opportunity to get his money back from his former crime partner.

Mary McGarrett makes an entrance, and she is nothing but trouble. And we learn for the first time about Catherine, and that Steve can multitask. 🙂

Remember, these were the glory days where we were still allowed to see Steve’s gray hair.

9 thoughts on “Name your number one

  1. Great idea hon!!! And what a lovely reminder of these episodes!!! Makes me want to go back and watch all of them one after another. Now, I wonder if my boss would understand my reason for not going to work……a deep desire and necessity to watch our super SEAL and his team!!!


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