Random thoughts on 3.18

Random thoughts on 3.18

I hardly know where to start. But I have to warn you, this will be a picture spam post. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Such great shots in this episode. And thanks to Global (the network it airs in Canada on) all logo-free.

But as always, let’s start at the beginning. And this time we start right in the middle of a chase. Unfortunately not with Five-0, but with these guys.

If you like that show, good for you. But I couldn’t care less. πŸ˜‰ And thankfully they only had about two minutes and they were gone.

Dead girl and roll credits.


Aw, they are doing it again showing off the beauty of Hawaii. I actually love these scenes. Of course we zoom in to another beauty of Hawaii. LOL Okay, I’ll admit, I’m a bit fangirly during this post. Hey, I’m allowed to ‘fangirl’ once in a while. Okay, we zoom in to Steve and his mom. I must say these were great scenes, and it looked like they were slowly getting closer together. Well, that won’t last long. But we come to that. Let’s just enjoy the scenery for a moment. And can I just say that was a waste of a perfectly good pair of shorts. Why put the man in shorts when we don’t see the legs? Camera guy, what was up with that?! πŸ˜‰

Now we have a dead girl fallen from her own balcony. That could have any kind of reasons. Burglary gone wrong, abusive boyfriend, suicide. Who knows? Question here. Who decides which case Five-0 gets involved in? For example why were they called into this one? What about HPD’s homicide department, I remember Steve telling the Governor that they do have one. A pretty good one were his words. So who is responsible for bringing Five-0 in? Can’t be the Governor. I mean, really, he doesn’t have time to sit at his desk and look at crimes and think, huh, that could be a nice case for Five-0. Sure, sometimes HPD asks for help, sometimes the Governor does involve them, and I’m sure they are always involved in major crimes like kidnapping. But this? Kind of strange, don’t you think?

Okay, enough rambling, back to the crime. Five-0 arrives and doing their thing.

First suspect, the boyfriend. Well, it’s pretty clear that he didn’t kill her. I actually had to laugh a little at his ridiculously baggy clothes. Who the heck was dressing him?

Uh, Max, Blue Man Group? That was pretty cool, even though Steve, the science guy, looked a little skeptical. Which I can completely understand. I didn’t quite get it either. First he paints the whole body blue to find a tiny puncture mark, and then he sprays a little water (or whatever it was) on just the right place to find said mark? Ok-ay. Not gonna question Max, of course. Now we know that she was drugged and indeed murdered.

Did you notice that the timeframe fit the airing of the episode? Chin said she had a parking ticket from yesterday in her pocket. March 17. The day before this episode aired. Just saying.

Okay, some scenes with the girls were funny, but I could do with a lot less roller derby scenes. But since men like to look at something too, from time to time, guess they had their fun with this.

Seriously? I need to go back to practice? Steve, arrest him right there on the spot. Come on, he’s your guy! Could you be any more suspicious than the coach? Ugh.

This is one of the best team-scenes of the whole show. I absolutely loved it. Danny made me snort with laughter. Skinny Mini Miller! Oh my goodness. And I was almost giggling with delight when Steve told about Cath’s dad showing him pictures of Cath as a teenager. Awww. That means Steve was at her parent’s house, and they obviously approve of him. I mean you don’t show pictures of your little girl to just any guy, and I’m sure Cath wouldn’t bring any guy home. This little information practically screams for a story. And will come in handy for future reference. It’s the tiny little things like these that I absolutely love about Five-0. This information is pure gold.

But back to the scene. I loved it how Cath tried to get out of this assignment, and how the other four gleefully tried to get her to do it. And I think it was great that Kono did not go undercover. I mean, really people, get real. Kono had been all over the news just a year ago. Everyone on the island knows her. Five-0 is a high profile Police force with just four people on it. And they get press coverage all the time. None of them can do any undercover work. I thought it was stupid of people demanding that Kono should do it. I think she is out of the game for good, as are the other three.

So here are the pics to this absolute glorious scene.

I must confess I was not very interested in the try-outs. Frankly, I don’t get this sport, or find it in any way even remotely interesting. So, let’s just skip through it.

But before we do that I like to talk about a little pet peeve of mine. I can’t stand it when especially on TV shows helmets are worn wrong. Really guys, get it right. This is important! You have any idea how many children, and adults, die because they weren’t wearing a helmet? Or if they did, they did it wrong? Put your damn helmet on right when you’re riding a bike, or skating. Make sure that it is not just sitting loosely on your head. It needs to really fit and sit snuggly. Or it won’t protect you at all.

People, especially kids see this and think it’s cool to keep your helmet loose. It’s NOT. It’s stupid and dangerous. Okay, all you moms/dads and grannies out there, take a look at your kids helmets.

Now this was the lesson of the day. πŸ˜‰

Poor Cath. She told them she couldn’t do it. But were they listening? No. She comes in second. I loved that. Steve not so much. πŸ˜‰

Oh, and btw, did Alex have some fun again and looked at the camera?


I don’t know who it was, but surely not Wo Fat. Maybe it was one of his men, but not the man himself. This was a nice fight. What is it with the McGarretts and stolen boxes? First Steve’s champ box, and now this one. They really should protect their stuff better. And Doris, really, you are complaining that Steve’s security system was a joke, and now someone is breaking into your house?

I must confess I don’t quite understand the whole mess with Doris. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Doris said she killed Wo Fat’s father some twenty years ago. And then she had to go into hiding because Wo Fat found out and she needed to protect her family. (Which in my eyes is just bullshit.) But at the same time Wo Fat only knew that Shelburne killed his father, but had NO idea who that was. So, why is Doris lying about her reasons to fake her death? It was surely not because of Wo Fat. And I highly doubt that Wo Fat was a man with great influence or power back then. On the contrary, he was still a ‘spy’ back then. We learned about that in one of the episodes.

This whole story has so many holes in it, if I tried to pull something like that, Cokie would have my tail.

But this was a nice action sequence and I always love it when the women, except for Kono, since she simply can’t pull it off, are able to defend themselves. Loved BAMF Catherine, and for sure loved Doris.

And again I’m going to skip the whole roller derby stuff. That was really not interesting for me, even though I think Cath did a great job.


I wished Steve and Chin would work together more often. They are great together. It’s a shame that we don’t see more of them. Maybe we could send Danny on a vacation to Jersey or something. Just a week or so. πŸ˜‰


And here we go again, another suspect in the blue room. I think the lighting was not that good this time, it was more green than blue. Or maybe it was because Steve wasn’t wearing blue.

And after that we have more roller derby. With Cath bonding with one of the other girls. Cath got a new hint and our three guys can investigate further. Good job, Cath. πŸ˜‰

I think the next scenes were not quite okay. There was no need to storm into the room like that and disturb the exam of the kid. I thought that was very odd. There simply was no reason to do that. And there for sure was no reason to call her Sugar Stixx. Danny, that was uncalled for. Other than that I liked the scenes, and we got a new insight into what might have gotten her (the dead girl) into trouble.

Where did the badge disappear to?


I was actually a bit surprised that Doris ended up in the hospital. I thought she would cover it up, and not tell anyone. But she obviously called HPD, and now she has to tell her son what happened. Who is not happy, and one can clearly see that he doesn’t believe a word she says. Good for you, Steve. One can practically feel that there might be a confrontation coming up soon.

Now we come to a scene I was waiting for ever since Catherine kept quiet about what happened with Mangosta. This confrontation was beautifully played. Very low key and one could feel the hurt and betrayal that Steve felt in that moment. But it was so great that Cath came right out when she thought that Mangosta might be involved in this robbery. She never even hesitated to tell him. I think that was really great.

How sad was it when Steve told her to go? Aw man. I think he did the only right thing, he was not able to talk about it at that moment, and before he would say something he or they would regret, he asked her to leave. He knew right then and there that he was not willing to risk their friendship, or their love, for a few harsh words about what she had done. Even totally hurt, Steve still kept his cool. Absolutely loved those scenes.

My only complaint about this episode would be about too much roller derby. Again we have girls rolling around in circles. πŸ˜‰ Not really interesting if you ask me.

Catherine again did her job and gave Five-0 the whole hard drive from the coach. Even though I would be interested in how she did that in that short a time and on a single flash drive. πŸ˜‰ But with that she cracked the case. The coach did it. Duh. I told you that half an hour ago.

We get a bit more roller derby, again. Then a nice little rescue by Catherine. And I would really like to know where she was hiding the gun.

And Steve and Danny are coming a bit late as the shining knights. But in the end they were just in time to make the arrest. Loved how worried Steve looked.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think that was a beautiful funeral. If such a thing can be beautiful. And the speech was really moving, and actually fitting for Steve and Cath too.

Didn’t we all know it? Finally Steve is going to confront Doris. And what a great scene that was. Christine and Alex are great together. That was just great. And everyone who said Alex can’t act, well they are either blind or stupid. Probably both. Subtlety is the name of the game, and he is a master at that. What he can say with just a look, others need pages of text for. And will still not do what he can. Move you with a facial expression. But this scene was not even the best, it gets better a little later. πŸ˜‰

But now this scene. It was about damn time that Steve confronted Doris, and called her on her lies. I think he kept quiet because he really wanted to give their relationship a chance. But involving Catherine, trying to manipulate her, that was just too much. Steve would never tolerate anything like that. Obviously Doris doesn’t know her son very well. That little maneuver backfired big time.

But I have to give her credit for saying that Catherine never meant to hurt him, and that she loves him. I don’t believe she didn’t do it so not to hurt him. Her motives were pure selfish. I think. You can never be sure with her. And I have no idea what the phone call meant. But I guess we will see. Or not. You never know what Peter Lenkov is thinking. I was a little surprised that she actually told him about the film. Or maybe that wasn’t what was in the box at all. And why would the film be worth any protection for her. From who? The CIA? That doesn’t make any sense. But as I said earlier this whole Shelburne thing doesn’t make sense.

Can I make a wish? Can we please put Steve more often in black? That really suits him.

Now we come to THE scene. For me this is one of the best scenes of the whole series. I loved the music, I loved the setting, and I loved that there were not more than two sentences spoken. What a great wonderful reconciliation. That was perfectly played.

I have read that some people thought that Steve would not forgive like that. I have no idea why anyone would think that. They obviously don’t know Steve at all. Steve never showed signs that he is one to hold a grudge. Yes, he said he doesn’t like to be played, but Catherine didn’t do that. She kept the information from him because his mother asked her to do so as a favor. Catherine never did that to gain any personal advantage from it.

She never meant to misguide or betray him. She did it because she listened to his mother and thought she did the right thing. That was wrong, yes. She should have told him. She made a mistake. But that was it. A mistake. Not a betrayal or trying to play him.

Steve knows that. Because he knows Catherine. They love each other. And of course you forgive a mistake. You don’t wait days or weeks, or however long to forgive it. Catherine made a mistake she is terribly sorry for. What is there not to understand that Steve would forgive her? That man loves her. They just understand each other, they trust each other on a very deep level. They went through so much together in all the years they have known each other. You don’t throw that away because of a mistake.

I loved his reaction, and how he handled it. That was perfect and wonderful. And so Steve.

And can I just say that picture of Catherine standing at the water is just stunning.

Storyline: the crime of the week was entertaining even though I could have done with a little less roller derby. But they had a few interesting suspects, and the case unfolded logically. So, that was fine.

Action: Uh, well, was there any? Roller derby doesn’t count, but actually this episode didn’t need any action. It was more than exciting enough.

Fun factor: It doesn’t get better than trying to get Catherine to do their undercover work. That was absolutely perfect.

Awe-factor: Oh my goodness, where to even start. The scenes at the end did me in. That was brilliant. And also the confrontation. Aww.

Steve-Awesomeness: This was it. Steve for the win all the way.

Danny-bearableness: Loved him. ’nuff said.

Support group: Loved the team work on this one. No Kamekona, and that was a good thing.

Personal Enjoyment: This will be one of my favorite episodes so far. Simply because of Doris/Steve, Team/Catherine, Steve/Doris AND Steve/Catherine. An absolute A plus for me.

5 thoughts on “Random thoughts on 3.18

    • I just loved that scene at the end. And I’m so deliriously happy that they are in such a good place now. Maybe this was what they needed to learn what they really mean to each other?


  1. ok, before I begin, I *love* the new banner at the top. So nice! It surprised me when I got on the site.

    Now… my thinking of why Steve and friends got this case was so that they could just meet up with Dog and Wifey. And, like you said, I was glad when their two minutes were up!

    Then we have the boating scene. Love the scenery (the nature scenes were nice, too) and agree… why put a man in shorts when you can’t even see anything? What a waste. They could have at least shown something when he was walking toward the truck… ok, dead girl on a car. check, crime of the week. roller derby queen, yes, it is novel, but like you, blah blah, round and round. Just like NASCAR that my husband watches… vroom, vroom, turn left, vroom, vroom, turn left, vroom… how boring!!!

    And we have the coach. Of course he was the culprit. Besides that, he was about as creepy as they come. I took one look at him and felt dirty. But then, we get the plot to snare Catherine. That was wonderful! All of them did a fantastic job. Danny’s story of Skinny Minnie, or whoever she was, Chin’s disbelief and Steve’s discussion of Catherine’s tutu. Loved it!

    One thng I noticed, and could certainly be wrong. I thought Michelle’s star on her neck used to just be an outline of a star… I remembered seeing it in the show she was on last summer where she was a Canadian doctor in Kandaha… can’t remember the name of it. But now, it is all filled in. Why that matters, I have no clue.

    Doris gets her head beat against the wall. I was surprised she called the cops. Maybe a neighbor heard the ruckus and called EMS or something. Steve was concerned, but not overly so. And he had to leave her there and get back to work. As for the Shelburne thing, I don’t understand it, somehow after it is all revealed, I’m sure I wll still not understand it, and will continue to scratch my head over what it means. But, yes, I would kick your tail to next Tuesday and back if you try a story line like that. πŸ™‚

    there is more plot here, but I will ignore it. I like the fact that Steve goes to his mom’s house to see what really happened, since he didn’t believe a word that came out of her mouth. And the scene with Catherine was amazing. I loved that! It was just too sad. He played it so well… as did she. I think he was barely holding it together.

    The funeral was great. but then we get to Steve talking to Doris. Agreed, he finally didn’t hold back. Great job for both of them. Tired of him pretending to believe her. But he had to get out of there.

    Loved the final scenes on the waterfront. And you are right… he can say so much without saying anything at all. That scene was perfectly put together.

    You only gave it an A+? Hmmm… I guess that *is* a pretty good grade. And it was an excellent episode!


    • Thank you for commenting on the new header. I couldn’t resist. This episode really inspires me. Is it April 15 yet? πŸ™‚

      Wow, you really put some time into this. Thank you. Always love to read about what others thought about an episode.

      Yup, I’m sure even if they ever tell us everything about Shelburne I still won’t get it.

      And I promise I will never try a storyline like that to get by you. πŸ™‚

      Oh, don’t remind me of watching racecars going in circles. How boring is that? I mean it’s different to drive such a car, which I had the absolut pleasure to do, but watching it? That is just… guess we are missing a tiny part to understand that. πŸ˜‰

      I thought A + was pretty good. But I’m open to suggestions. LOL


  2. No, I will let your grade of a+ to stand. Anything else would be redundant. And probably very biased. And as April 15 is dreaded tax day here in the states, I will have something to pick me up that night. If I can still afford cable after paying taxes. πŸ™‚

    And I’m sorry I ramble, but what I think will be a comment soon turns into a manuscript. Sorry.


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