Random thoughts on 3.17

Random thoughts on 3.17

Here comes a reminder of what happened four long weeks ago just in time before the new episode airs this Monday.

3.17 Pa’ani | The Game

I was kind of surprised that this episode didn’t have much to do with the Pro Bowl Game. They were so heavily promoting it, that I thought the COTW revolved around it. But that was actually not the case. But that was just as well. I liked the personal football stuff even better. But let’s start at the beginning.

Seriously, I knew right from the start that this was not a real military operation. They were all running around like bunnies without cover. But it was a great action filled beginning of the ep, and that someone was really shot came as kind of a surprise. Mostly because I thought the crime would happen at the game, as I said earlier. My fault. πŸ˜‰

Before our boys go to the crime scene they meet with Kamekona to get their tickets to the game. We actually get a real treat in those scenes. Gray hair. Yeah! Could we please keep that? Could you please stop dying Alex’ hair? It looks so much better when his natural gray comes through. Anyway, the two boys got their tickets and of course have to argue about every little thing. I have my own little theory why we got part of this scene. I think the writers realized how bitchy Danny had become lately and that is why they threw in that ‘this’ is not fighting. I actually really liked it. I liked Steve’s surprised look that Kamekona would think they were fighting. When in his and Danny’s eyes they weren’t.

I loved Danny being a fangirl, cough, I mean… fanboy? LOL And I loved it even more how Steve made fun of him being a ‘Manning-fan’.

But as Daniel Dae Kim said they can be fanboys too.


But I hope that at some point they will give us a real fight. Still waiting for that to happen. Okay, now they have their tickets and we can move on to the COTW.

We learn quite a lot in the next scenes. That Danny doesn’t understand how anyone would go to a tactical OPS game, no surprise there, Danny. That Steve was obviously shot with training ammunition, and that they can pack quite a punch. And that Steve thinks they should do such training for team building, even though it wouldn’t be much of a challenge. Yeah, I can just see Steve running circles around them. πŸ™‚

Of course we also learned a lot about the forensic work after the crime. Which I find fascinating, and I think it’s great that we see a little of the procedural stuff, but by far not as much as on other shows. I love crime shows, but only the crime stuff gets boring after a while. And in my eyes, a show like CSI, no matter which city, got old after two seasons. But that is just my opinion.

And can I just say that I’m really happy that Duke made it and is back on the force? So happy to see him again.

Okay, here is a little job for you. Please look at Steve and try to remember what he is wearing. Okay, you got that? Good, then let’s move on. We’re coming back to that. πŸ˜‰


Seriously? They want us to believe in a murder suspect who is wearing a pale pink polo shirt? Really? Not gonna happen. But as always nice scenes in the blue room.

Please note that Steve gets a phone call from Chin at some point, telling him and Danny to come out to the office right away. Which they do.

You still remember what Steve was wearing since the beginning of the episode? Good. Did it look like this?


No? Are you sure? Give it some time. πŸ™‚

I don’t know how I knew, but it was clear to me that they had just let their killer go.

So, this time it was Kono who went to see Max to get more information about the victim. And what he revealed was really interesting. One question though. Why didn’t any of his buddies realize that he was pretty much out of it? If the sedative was that strong even after twelve hours they should have realized that something was wrong. Right?

After getting the information about their victim the next step would be to follow his last steps. So, let’s go to a bar. Oh wait; better change the shirt for that. πŸ™‚


Now came a scene I truly enjoyed. Catherine comes to surprise Steve at work. Yeah, I could get used to that. Not only because I like to see her more often, but I truly love how Steve lights up as soon as she is near. Heck, he even kissed her for everyone to see. That is just great, and I’m very happy with this development. Not to mention that the scene was very funny.

Poor Cath, I mean her idea to get tickets for the game and to go there with her boyfriend was really nice and all, but maybe she should have thought that Steve would go to a football game with his buddy? I heard a lot of people complaining that this scene and a later one, to which we will get later, was for the McDanno fans. I’m sorry, but I totally disagree.

Just think about it for a minute. Steve and Danny are best friends. I think it is completely logical that the two guys would want to go to the football game together. Not with a girlfriend. I mean, come on, get real. This is a guy’s event. You don’t go to the game with your girl. Of course Steve would have done that, if there would have been any plans like that. But now he had a prior engagement, and he had to honor that. It’s really simple, Danny had asked first.

I would have been disappointed if Steve would have broken it off and went with Cath. Sorry, but that is not how it should be. If you committed to one thing and then a better thing comes along, you can’t just break the first one off. Everyone should have learned that in Kindergarten. And I don’t understand why people complain about Steve going with Danny instead of Cath. Obviously they never learned this important lesson. Shame on them.

And I didn’t expect Danny to offer to step back either. This was their thing. They have probably talked about it for weeks. I think this whole scene is no big deal. Or that anyone is treating Cath not in the right way. Least of all Steve. He is totally sweet and apologetic about it.

Besides, it was clear that her seats must be really good, and those two boys would be green with envy pretty soon. πŸ™‚

Uh, and Danny, thank you for saying that they are dating, and they didn’t even deny it. That practically made my day.

And one more thing, before I will let this rest. Why did Cath need a peace offering for Steve? What did she do that we didn’t see? Any ideas?

Well, he actually didn’t change that much. Yeah, he got a bit older, but he still looks pretty much the same. If you don’t know who that is, then I guess you are not in my age group. LOL

I loved the following scenes. Steve desperately trying to keep Danny from talking, of course that would be impossible. So he has to listen to a story that he had to listen to countless times already. Poor Stevie.

They didn’t meet a lot of resistance when they questioned the bouncer. And he was actually really helpful. Now they can look at the killings from a totally different angle.

And here comes Kono again. I’m just wondering what Chin was doing in this episode. And why was she always out alone without a partner? The security guy was kind of refreshing.

Oh, and look, a high tech lock on the door, but Kono just opens it? This was also kind of strange.

I wonder if the writers really think Danny’s behavior (as a professional detective) is funny. Or cute or whatever. I’m sorry, I don’t think so at all. I can’t even count how many times over the course of the last three seasons Steve had to remind him to focus, or remind him that they were working on a case and he should act accordingly, or not embarrass himself while on the job. I think it is a shame that Danny is more and more written like a stupid sidekick. It is no secret that I don’t like Danny (or his portrayal by the actor) most of the time, but his character has great potential and they are wasting it. That is what makes me mostly mad about Danny’s character. But I must admit, Danny has his moments, but this was not one of them. We will come to that later though.

LOL – yeah, Steve, I have to agree with you. Instead of a fantasy championship winner he is a real life imbecile. Dungeons and Dragons for sports geeks. This was cracking me up. These two are just too good to be true. See, I do like Danny on occasion. But it is mostly because of Steve’s reactions and his sense of humor to Danny’s acts. I loved that cargument.

So, they guys are working late into the night. Question though, where the heck is Chin? Do they get a day off during a case? I mean, they obviously need to have time off, nobody can work 24/7, but his absence in this ep was kind of strange.


There is one thing about Five-0 I don’t like. Oh, wow, there is something I don’t like. Yeah, there might be plenty at times, but it never is or was that important that I wouldn’t enjoy the show to the fullest. But the thing I’m talking about happened a few times now. I know it is most likely because of time restriction; after all they only have not even 45 minutes to tell their story. But I really don’t like it when they talk about a suspect and in the next scene he is sitting snuggly in the blue room. Or we don’t see the chase, but only the last tackle and arrest. That bothers me a little. But I guess that is my love for procedural speaking, and Five-0 is really not about that. As I said I can live with that.

Okay, I’ll admit these scenes were funny. Danny still can’t work the smart table. I like it that they keep his aversion to the technical stuff alive over the seasons. And no, that does not make him look stupid. Some people are just not meant to be tech geeks.

Hawaii really is stunningly beautiful. And I think the show does a great job to show us different views every week.

So, who would have thought that this murder was mostly about the insurance money? After all the twists and turns we finally found out what was going on.

Our two heroes to the rescue! But I’m pretty sure they imagined a slightly different outcome.

There was a lot of discussion about this episode weighting too heavily on the bromance factor. To give too much in to the McDannos out there. I don’t think so at all. Steve and Danny are best friends. Nothing less, but nothing more. I always have to smile a little about all the people who can’t accept that two male, or two female people can be in a deep friendship without wanting to jump the other person’s bones. That is the same as saying men and women can’t be friends without ending up in bed. I’m sorry, but that is not how the real world works. But if that thought, Steve and Danny together, floats your boat, be my guest. Nothing wrong with that. But in this show? That is not the case. No matter how much you like to interpret into it.

Anyway, I thought it was perfectly right and normal for Danny to give up his tickets to stay with his injured friend. That is what I expect from a partner and friend. It doesn’t matter that Steve’s injury was not that serious. My partner gets injured on the job? I’ll stick with him, no matter what. Huge points to Danny for doing just that. Missing out on meeting his idol because he had to wait for his friend getting fixed up. Kudos to you, Danny.

Thanks to Steve’s injury a lot of people were happily attending the football game.

And I have to say, I absolutely loved the hospital scenes. Okay, that is NOT how you fix a dislocated shoulder, but who cares. It was a great scene. And Danny in the waiting room? Awwww.

And I just knew it that Cath’s seats would be THE best in the house. LOL Loved to see her with Kono.

And now we finally come to the best scenes of the show. At least they were for me. That whole ending was incredibly cute. I loved how Steve was so eager to throw the football, and Danny wants it to make it his own decision, as if he wouldn’t want to catch the ball in an NFL stadium. LOL Those were really cute scenes. And Steve, don’t worry, I highly doubt you have any reason to be jealous.

If you want to know what happened after those scenes; you should read this. Cokie and I sat down and wrote a coda for this episode.


Kinipopo peku

Storyline: Well, the crime of the week wasn’t boring, but not that interesting either.

Action: Lots of action. Not necessarily with our heroes, but they even engaged in some kind of hand to hand. So, I guess no one can complain about a lack of action in this one.

Guest-Star: what guest stars? Oh, oh, almost forgot. Larry Manetti. Well, okay. It’s always the same with the guest stars for me; I don’t really care about them. I only want people who can play their specific part, I don’t care if they have a ‘name’ or not.

Fun factor: This was simply great. There was humor in almost every conversation and meeting. Loved it.

Awe-factor: The last scenes on the football field made up for a lot of crap from Danny lately. Β That was really cute.

Steve-Awesomeness: I just admire his patience and how he endures his buddy. How he is handling Danny always amazes me. I would have gone ballistic a long time ago.

Danny-bearableness: His behavior as a detective, ah well, not going into that again. But in this episode I didn’t cringe. His acts of friendship and kindness when Steve got injured and his behavior at the end won him a lot of points with me. So, yeah, I liked him in this one.

Support group: Where the heck was Chin? Not a fan of Kono, I only liked her at the end, but don’t listen to my opinion about her. I just don’t like her. And yes, that is a personal thing. πŸ˜‰ Kamekona gets overused in my eyes. He is great, but I don’t need him in every episode. It’s getting a bit too much. And I’m really dreading his helicopter thing. I truly hope he will not get a license, ever.

Personal Enjoyment: I really enjoyed this episode. All in all an A minus for me.

3 thoughts on “Random thoughts on 3.17

  1. Thanks for this hon. Lots of lovely pics…;especially like the big one second last here!!!! Delicious. This episode seems like a long time ago but at least we get our fix this week!!!


  2. Wonderful photos. Lots of questions asked in there. I, too want to know why those boys kept changing clothes.you would think that SOMEONE would have noticed the lack of continuity. πŸ™‚

    Also, why did cath need a peace offering? I really would like to know about that one.

    The storyline about the shoulder was a total surprise. A pleasant one. For me, anyway. Not so much for Steve. :). And I did like your shameless plug for our story. πŸ™‚


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