Steve is 36 today

Would be nice to see this birthday on the show. If you asked me, I hope that Cath and Steve would just go away for the weekend, so they can finally ‘get some’. πŸ™‚

Birthday Wallpaper


As always click on the image for the full size. (I know it’s not just Steve, but I’m still not over these great promo pics, so I hope you don’t mind.)

11 thoughts on “Steve is 36 today

  1. So, what should they do on the birthday weekend? Fly out of Hawaii and play tourists? Go to the big island and do nothing? Stay home and have friends over for a cookout and birthday?

    I vote for Catherine kidnapping him and taking him to another island. Secluded cabin on a deserted beach, fully stocked with whatever they would need. A little snorkeling, a little scuba, laying on the beach under the stars.

    And no cell phones.

    Happy, happy birthday to Steve!


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