3×20 is going to kill me

Update, new pics at the end. Thanks to https://www.facebook.com/15thWing and thanks to http://bookemdanno.net/ for the hint.

I’m telling you if only half of the spoilers are true this episode will be the death of me. The Pilot episode is still my favorite of Five-0, and now we will get SEAL Steve back.



I truly can’t wait for that to happen. I love Hawaii Five-0 and I think they are a great team, but I must confess, I’m sure I would love The Adventures of SEAL Steve even more. I wish we would see more of him being in uniform. I so wish this would be a two-parter.

Thank you Peter Lenkov for giving us these teaser pics. And thanks to Zap-it for giving us even more about the ep. But be aware, we don’t know how much of that might actually happen. I wouldn’t take any spoilers too seriously. 😉

Alex just rocks this look!


“Blue Mountain State” star Alan Ritchson spent some time in Hawaii last year, filming scenes for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” — and now he’s returning to the Aloha State for some time with Danny and McGarrett.

Ritchson has nabbed a guest-starring role on CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0,” and Zap2it has your exclusive details. He plays Freddie, described as a sweet guy who is built like a fullback. Freddie is a Navy SEAL — and he was McGarrett’s best buddy during his years in the military.

We’ll see them in flashbacks to their time training, when they supported each other through some extremely difficult conditions, and later, in battle together, when they had to make some painful choices together.

Ritchson is best known for his work as Thad Castle on “Blue Mountain State” and as “Smallville’s” Aquaman. He’ll appear this fall in “Catching Fire” as Gloss, one of the career tributes in the Quarter Quell Hunger Games.


We can get this episode in early April, if it is correct that we won’t get a new episode for the next three weeks.

7 thoughts on “3×20 is going to kill me

  1. The Adventures is Nacy SEAL McG sounds like a show I’d watch! 😉 the pilot was so awesome, I’m sad they strayed from that formula but happy they’re returning to it here. We need to be reminded what a bad ass McG is underneath his somewhat softer exterior now. 🙂


  2. I can’t wait for this episode too, I always liked episodes with flashbacks better than normal ep’s, but in 3×20 there is going to be bonus… Steve as a SEAL, in first season Steve was badass, but with every episode they making him less SEAL and more like a cop, kind of mixing two things, I’m not talking I don’t like it, but sometimes they should give him episodes like this… In uniform or something. This is going to be very long wait. (Maybe I’m wrong about what I wrote,but it’s just my opinion, so no offence)


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