Random thoughts on 3.16

I apologize in advance that this is so late and will not be my usual picture spam and thoughts in ranting form. It’s just due to lack of time that I have to do this one a little differently. But I still hope you will find it interesting. I’m only going to ‘talk’ about the parts that really held my interest.

Raise your hand if you didn’t think that one of the girls would be the victim of the week. That’s what I love about Hawaii Five-0, among a lot of other things, they manage to surprise me. I didn’t think that the murder victim would be in the trunk of the car involved in the crash, and the four girls were nothing but witnesses. I liked that.

Mick, the P.I. – I have no idea whose idea that was, but I think it was really cute. Loved those scenes. And it was nice to see that Steve is on good terms with his former colleagues and COs. I love to see people from Steve’s past, and this one seems to be a really interesting one. Of course it was clear from the beginning that it was not a good idea to hire a P.I. to spy on his mother. What the heck was he thinking?

I think it’s great that Kamekona got a bigger part in this one, and I liked every minute of his scenes. He was great from start to finish. If they would just bury the idea of him behind the stick of a helicopter. I’ve seen BTS pics of them filming it. That is SO ridiculous. I’m afraid that will only look stupid, and that would simply be a shame. Never in a million years would he get a pilot license.

Anyway. I liked his involvement in the case. Of course I think we should discuss a few things about it. Kamekona is a parole, as he told Steve in 1×24. He has a record. And it’s an absolute no go for him to be involved in any kind of gun dealings. Not for himself or for others. I can understand that they looked the other way in 1×24 when he was helping out Steve. But what about now? He is obviously still involved in some shady activities. Remember I said they should look into his dealings when he was undercover with Sang Min in Season 2? I’m not so sure they can and should look the other way. There should be consequences for his actions. Of course I don’t want him to go back to jail, but I think something should be happening.

And one other thing, I really wonder how Mr. Williams ever made detective? Every idiot knew what Steve was up to. And he, Steve’s partner for three years, had no clue? What the heck are the writers thinking? They constantly make him look like an idiot.

There is a lot that could be said about Steve’s mom. But I’m not going into that, simply because I truly enjoy Christine Lathi in the role. She is doing such a great job. When we learned about Steve’s mom not being dead, I was dead set on hating the whole idea, and her. No matter how it would turn out. But then Christine Lathi came, and all my resentment flew out the window. I really like ‘mom’. She brought some great scenes to the show, and gave us a lot of emotion for Steve. And even though I can’t understand how someone could let her children believe their mom died a horrible death, I like to see her back. This whole thing she did to protect her family is just stupid. If that was the case she would have taken her kids with her and disappear into wit sec. But that is a different story.

I loved every scene with her and Mick. That was so much fun to watch. They are both great in their roles. And of course she knew from the beginning what was going on. Loved it.

Okay, I’m going to skip most of the COTW stuff. I didn’t find it very interesting. Even though fans were going crazy about Summer Glau guest starring. Well, I wasn’t. She was the only one I didn’t like on Firefly. So, I couldn’t care less about her being on the show. And I thought her character and the whole Fight Club, secret fight technique stuff was not really interesting.


Now we had another confrontation with Kamekona. And I must say I loved to see Steve having his hand on his gun. And Danny trying to handcuff him was rather funny. A citizen’s arrest? Well, Danny and Steve both found that rather funny.

They obviously knew that the house would be empty, or why didn’t they put on any protection? But luckily the only casualty was Chucky. 🙂

In my eyes, the blue room never gets old. Such great coloring.

A little tip for where to put your players. It might not be the smartest idea to put the shortest guy the farthest away from the camera. Doesn’t really make him look taller. Just saying. 🙂


Stevie, I’m with Danny here, this will end badly. If you think your mom will never find out, well then you will be in for a surprise. I enjoyed not only the cargument, but also Mick and Doris at lunch. That was really great, loved Mick’s cover story.

It’s always good to see Max. I think he was kind of missing for a while, wasn’t he?

So, after going back and forth, and investigating here and there. More or less interesting, we come to the final confrontation at the ‘Fight Club’.

I have been complaining a few times now that I’m missing hand to hand combat. Well, we got it this time, but still with the wrong people. And I’m sure many people will disagree with me, but two women fighting? It’s the stupidest thing ever. Like women boxing. Sorry, but that is just not for me. I can’t take it seriously. And I couldn’t take this fight seriously. And I truly don’t mean any disrespect with it. I know they train just as hard, and they would win against the one or other men, but for me, that is just NOT what I want to see.

So, I was glad when Five-0 showed up and ended this fighting stuff. And I simply loved how they did it. Was there anyone who didn’t think about Indiana McJones? 🙂

And now, finally here comes what I was waiting for the whole episode. Catherine and Steve.

I truly believe these two need more screen time. They are so great together, and I for one want to see more of them. And I want to see more passion. I admit I love their relationship. They are extremely comfortable around each other; they simply can read one another perfectly. They know each other, and I love that. But I also want to see the other side of their relationship. I would be happy with a shower scene, or a scene on the beach, or whatever. Just a scene where they are not interrupted by any of their friends or Steve’s mom. That is not too much to ask for, I think. I mean they do spent a lot of time together; they for example go surfing together. As Cath said ‘they’, whoever they are, were missing him yesterday morning. It seems a regular thing they are doing together. That is just the stuff I like to see, and I’m sure I’m not alone with that wish.

But anyway, I just loved these scenes. I totally love Catherine for not making fun of Steve, but using his cravings to her advantage. That was so cute. And I can totally understand that Steve would miss his old life in some form. That it would manifest in wanting to eat an MRE though? Well, ok-ay.

I hope we will see more of Mick and Doris, I really like them together.

Yeah, right, Doris, he should have just asked you. As if you would tell him the truth. Maybe we will learn the truth at some point, I at least hope so.

I’m not sure why Steve is keeping his dealings with his mother a secret from Catherine. Maybe he already knows that Cath didn’t tell him the whole truth about what Doris did. I think he would wait for Cath to tell him, or to confront her at the right time. I just hope this will not be the reason why they break up. At least for a while. But I’m sure that is what is going to happen. Sigh.

So, to get this to an end there is only the verdict left.

For me this was an okay episode, with some great scenes in it. But frankly the COTW didn’t hold my interest at all. And even though I don’t watch Five-0 because of the good crime story, it still needs to interest me. This didn’t at all. But Kamekona, Doris, Mick, Steve and Cath made up for it.

I’m not even ranting much about Danny this time. This episode felt like Mr. Caan simply phoned his performance in. I felt like he was really not interested in giving a good performance. Don’t know, but it felt like he wished to be somewhere else during the entire episode. And I think it showed.

Anyway, I still give this one a B.

I’m sorry it took me a whole week to post this. The review from this Monday will be up before the weekend.

4 thoughts on “Random thoughts on 3.16

  1. I think i have to agree. A “B” is good, right? Of course, Steve gets an “A”, Catherine gets an “A” and I’ll give mom an “A” in this one. Her scenes were really good and I did like her and “Mick” together. Danny was Danny… unfortunately nothing spectacular in my eyes. Kamekona was good. I do like him. And sometimes I think you know your snitch has baggage that you tend to overlook for the greater good. I mean, they probably could bust him for any number of things, but by looking the other way, they get stuff from him.

    as for the weekly crime, I would rate that about a “C”. It was pretty boring and until my daughter told me that was the girl from Firefly, I didn’t know who she was.

    Loved the ending scenes. The Steve and Catherine part could have been longer. She is under-utilized for the scenes they have her in. I enjoy seeing them together and a little bit of a more adult relationship isn’t too much to ask for, is it???


  2. Sam, I’ve only just started reading your recaps and I find them really interesting mostly because you see things very differently to me :). I didn’t like the Mom scenes at all. I really want to know what’s going on – why she really left, why she’s back and what’s she’s really up to. She left her kids and pretended to be dead. This is serious business and to make light of it with the PI scenes just didn’t work for me (even though I loved Treat Williams). I will be happy to see her out on a date or ‘playing with’ McG in future seasons but not now. It’s too soon to me, when so many things are left unresolved.

    Like you, I loved KK in this episode. I totally see where you are coming from with the team turning a blind eye to what he does – I suppose in a way KK is like an informant so maybe the information they get from him is worth it??? Dunno. Anyway, I really enjoyed KK and his storyline.

    I agree with what you said about Danny being made to look foolish. This seems to happen all the time and I don’t much like it. I love McG and I like Danny a lot but I don’t want McG to shine at the expense of Danny. There’s no need for the writers to make him look foolish.

    I enjoyed the COTW although it wasn’t the best one of the season. I do watch the show for the procedural because it IS a procedural although the writing this season has been a bit patchy in that department. I’m with you on the fight scene – not so much about women fighting, although I don’t like that, but the people cheering them on and paying to be entertained by broken bones and bruises. I did LOVE the Indiana Jones ending though.

    As for Cath, I don’t think the writers quite know what to do with her. I liked her much better when she was not a main cast member because her scenes were more meaningful. If she is going to be a regular and her only job is to be McG’s GF, then we need to see the relationship develop. Nothing much has happened all season and my interest in it is definitely waning.

    Thanks for the interesting take on the episode :).


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