What did it for me?

What was the magical moment that made me realize Alex O’Loughlin would be my next passion? Was there even such a moment or did he simply grow on me over time?

Let’s go back a few years.

In the summer of 2008, I was channel-surfing on German TV. Something I rarely do, since I don’t watch TV-shows in the dubbed version.  But I am so glad I did on that day. There was a crime show on about a private detective in Los Angeles. I had no idea that it was the show I deemed not worth checking out when the season started in the US. I thought it was some ‘vampire-show’, and I am not into vampires at all. That was the reason I didn’t give it a try back then. Boy, what a wrong decision that was.

Long story short, there was this guy on TV, and I was like… “Who IS that?”

I guess I don’t have to say that it only took me a short while to watch every single episode, and yes, more than once. I fell instantly in love with it. And it was so sad to learn that it was canceled and there wouldn’t be a second season in the fall.

Moonlight is still one of my favorite shows. I always loved private investigators. If it was ‘Banyon’, ‘Mannix’, ‘Rockford’ or ‘Magnum’. (Wow, just realized who long ago they were on TV.) Private eyes were always my favorite. And this new one was surely different and special.

That Mick St. John was a vampire was secondary, in my opinion. First of all, he was a detective, and a pretty darn good one. His cases were always interesting and mostly personal in some way. I really liked that.

But what I loved most was Mick’s struggle with what he was. I loved his brooding, and his unhappiness. His inner fight to keep his humanity. His constant struggle with what life dealt  him. Like Joseph said his inner vampire would come out at some point. I think Mick was afraid that he would lose control over that side of himself. He never realized that he was the most human person of anyone we ever encountered in the series.

Moon 07

I loved Mick and Joseph. And I can easily understand that there was a huge slash/shipping going on. Their encounters always were a bit homo-erotic. There always was kind of an undercurrent there. I loved it how the show played with that.

And I loved Mick and Beth together. It was kind of strange that he knew her almost all her life, and even checked up on her once in a while. But I never felt like this relationship was weird or freaky. Yes, Mick is 85 years old, but only on paper. He is not an old creepy guy getting a young woman. In body and mind, he is just 30, with the experience of eight decades. That is how I see it. Don’t you think it would be creepier if he fell in love with an eighty-year-old  woman, than with Beth? Well, I do.

My favorite part of Moonlight was the narrative. I could listen to Mick for hours on end. Some of his voice overs are so heart wrenching, spoken with such emotion. I’m melting every time I listen to it.

There is one scene in Moonlight that still moves me to this day. It’s a scene I absolutely love. It gives me goose bumps whenever I watch it. The re-turning. For his Beth. Oh man, that scene gets me every time.

And here you go, one of my favorite music videos. She did a great job.

I was of course sad that the show ended, but at least it had kind of a satisfying ending. It could have been a lot worse than that final scene.

After I was hooked, not only on Moonlight but even more so on Alex O’Loughlin, my intense research begun. 😉 Sadly I had to discover that there was not that much to watch.

The first thing I could get my hands on was ‘Mary Bryant’.


Mary Bryant is an incredible film with an incredible cast. Even if Alex wouldn’t be in it, it would be worth watching for sure. If you haven’t already watched it, I encourage you to do so. It is a movie full of sadness, incredible hardship, tragedy and despair, but also full of love and hope. I promise it will be three hours very well spent. Get your tissues out and watch that movie.

Please go over to ‘Intense Study’ and take a look at the great post Paula did for this movie.



Watch this intro and enjoy Alex’s voiceover.

Next on my list to watch was ‘The Shield’. A TV show I never watched because I didn’t like the format of it, plus I never liked Michael Chiklis much. But of course, I had to at least watch the episodes Alex was in. So, I watched season 6 of ‘The Shield’. Let’s just say that was not my show, but I was impressed by Alex’s work on it. But still a show I don’t need to watch twice.


I think now it is time to mention the tattoos. Yeah, well, they are pretty obvious, so let’s talk about them for a minute.

For a better understanding, I need to tell you a little about how I approach being a ‘fan’. Even though I don’t like the word ‘fan’ much. I don’t like the association to anything fanatic. To be fanatic about something is definitely not good, and one should take a really good look at oneself if he or she was ‘in too deep’ into anything. To be a fan of something for me simply means to enjoy it immensely.

Anyway, I can get obsessive about a character, but not about a real person. I think there is a huge difference. I was never very interested in an actor’s personal life. Sure, I like to know the basics, like where from, birth year, something like that. But I never went on the hunt for pictures that showed ‘my’ star during his private time. There is nothing I respect more than privacy. If someone is willing to share something, then fine, I will take a look. And I think it is their job to be photographed at official events, or while working. But no one has the right to take pictures of them while they are out to dinner, shopping, jogging, or whatever. Leave them the hell alone.

That said, I haven’t seen any ‘private’ pictures of Alex before I watched The Shield. I was like WTF is that? 😉 It was then that I took a closer look. Yes, a little ‘hunt’ was on. 😉 Okay, I confess, before Alex, I was not into tattoos. And I’m still not. But his tattoos on his biceps are really cool. And I couldn’t even imagine him without those.

But seriously, why would anyone who wants to be in the public eye through his work, tattoo his forearms? Why did he do that? That is something I will never understand. And thankfully, they are almost completely gone by now. Don’t get me wrong, anyone can get as many tattoos as he/she likes, but being an actor means that your body is your capital. So, get anything tattooed that no one sees right away, but please not your face, forearms, or hands. Just saying and wondering.

By now, I really like a good tattoo on a great body. (I still would never ever get one myself, but my view of others has changed.) If I see a ‘naked’ (meaning no tattoo) body, I even think there is something missing.

That said you can imagine that I was a little shocked about the ink on our Alex. But I got over it. Well, obviously.

After I made my way through The Shield, with watching the last episode just recently, I went on to Oyster Farmer.

I didn’t do these screen caps myself, but I can’t remember where I found them. I know it was not from any of the usual suspects. 😉

I love this film. It has great atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and a heartwarming story. It’s a wonderful little film with great and interesting characters. Some of it could have been more developed, and the editing might not be the best. But it’s a film well worth watching.

Here is the trailer for it.

The next film I found was ‘Man-Thing’. “Agents of an oil tycoon vanish while exploring a swamp marked for drilling. The local sheriff investigates and faces a Seminole legend come to life: Man-Thing, a shambling swamp-monster whose touch burns those who feel fear.”


Well, seeing the film with today’s standards it is most likely more amusing than scary or frightening. It is a low budged movie, but none the less enjoyable.

And again thank you Paula for such a great post about Man-Thing over at Intense Study. You really should head over there and take a look. And while you‘re there roam around the great site.


And here you can watch the trailer for it:

I don’t watch Criminal Minds. Well, I did in the beginning, but at some point I lost interest, even though it is still a great show. But in April 2009, there was an episode I just had to watch. ‘The Big Wheel’. With one of the best guest performances by an actor I have ever seen. He should have been nominated for every damn award there is. But that is Alex for you, completely and utterly underrated.

That was one chilling and brilliant performance. Who else can make you feel for the serial killer, who brutally murdered dozen of women? But he made you feel like he was the victim just as much as the perpetrator.

A great episode, one that will be remembered for a long time.

Trailer for ‘The Big Wheel’:

Great BTS about Vincent:

And then finally it was October 2009, and Alex was back on TV. ‘Three Rivers’ premiered on CBS. I had high hopes for the show. I’ve been an organ donor since 2001, and was happy that this very important topic was the main premise of a TV show on a major network. And of course, I was so happy to see Alex on a weekly basis.

I think it was a really good show; focusing more on the human drama of the donor and the recipients and their families. Maybe that was the reason why it didn’t do as well as it could have. Maybe there should have been a little more ‘action‘. Sure they were flying around getting there barely in time, or we saw hectic scenes in the hospital. But I think they were too slow to develop the main characters, or better the main character. He was getting interesting when they canceled it. When his uncle Mike came back into his life. Interesting enough Uncle Mike later was promoted to ‘Dad’. 😉

But seriously, I think Andy was a great and interesting character, but he was only very slowly emerging. And I think that was a mistake. And he never had any ‘action’. You simply can’t have a leading character spending 99 % of the time in the hospital, sitting at someone’s bed, or is hidden by technical equipment and face masks. That is not how it works.

But still, I loved it. They had very good cases; just thinking about the one with Mandy Patinkin makes me cry. And what I absolutely LOVED was that you could never be sure who would die and who would make it. Just like in real life.

I think ‘Three Rivers’ was a highly underrated TV show with lots of potential. But it unfortunately came at the wrong time. We will never know why it was really canceled, but it might be a consolation that it worked out to perfection in the end. But we’re not there yet. 😉

Three Rivers Trailer:

After Three Rivers, there was no doubt that I would watch any new show or film Alex would appear in. I mean it was pretty clear after Moonlight, but this show cemented it.

During the wait for the last four episodes to air in June, I got my hands on anything that had Alex in it. 🙂

First on my agenda was FEED.

Thanks to AOLR for three of the pictures. Unfortunately, her site is no longer online. A truly great loss.

If you like to hear Alex snorting with laughter, you have to watch this interview. But seriously, it’s a great interview about ‘Feed’.

Feed Trailer:

This for sure is a very controversial movie, but I think it’s really good. And I’m not even sure who the real criminal is here. Is the detective with his behavior any better than Michael is? Watch the movie and make your own decision.

One thing is for sure, Alex’s performance is top notch. I didn’t care much for the blond, and have no idea why they came up with that, but other than that he is great in it.

In May 2010, I went to the movies to see Alex. That was nice to see him on the big screen. 🙂

And I actually really liked The Back-up Plan. Except for the water birth, that was just too over the top for my taste. But the rest is just great. Some really great scenes in it. I loved him making pancakes in the middle of the night. One of my favorite scenes.

Again thanks to AOLR for some of the pictures.

Back-Up Plan Trailer:

These two pictures are actually for the make-up department over at Hawaii Five-0. They might like to take a closer look at these. There is no orange, yellow, or whatever in sight. Maybe you could ask the people who did this job how they did it? So that next time Steve takes his shirt off, he doesn’t look like he has some bad bruises, or was in the sun too long. Just a suggestion of course.

BUP 009

BUP 011

After BUP, I watched the rest of his work that was available. Even though he was surely good in all of it, none of the films really are that great. Maybe except for August Rush, which is a good film.

But neither Whiteout, The Invisible, nor the TV production BlackJack: Sweet Science are movies one absolutely has to watch. Just recently someone was nice enough to put White Collar Blue from 2003 up on YouTube. That seems to be Alex’s first role. Very cute two minutes.

Then finally September 20th 2010 arrived, and this guy arrived.


Well, as they say, the rest is history…

Now, after you read through all this, wandered off to other sites, and hopefully back, watched scenes and trailers, it is time for a poll. Actually, two polls.

I like to compare two things, see if they differ much, or not.

First, I like to know your favorite character Alex played/plays. (You can give ONE answer)

Second, I like to know what was/is his best work so far. (You can give three answers)

I know the first one is really tough, but you can comment, and elaborate on your choice or how you came to that decision. Or what did it for you. Looking forward to hearing from you!

19 thoughts on “What did it for me?

  1. Ok, that was one way long post that I haven’t read yet. Because when I clicked on mostly five-0 to read it, I saw the header… The Hawaiian sunset and the hug. It can’t get much better than that. Ok, now I will go back and read your novel. 🙂


  2. Wow hon! What a fantastic amount of work you’ve put into this!!!! The result looks just wonderful. I don’t have time to read through all of it tonight but I will be reading every minute I have some spare time……thank you so much for all of your effort to create this incredible document which follows the career of our wonderful AOL!!!


  3. Ok, I just wrote a way long post about my journey and the iPad just shut me down. So I’ll have to try it again later on the computer. Grrr…


  4. let’s see if I can do it this time! When Moonlight came on, my two closest friends said, “Oh, great show, you have to watch.” It was opposite something else I was watching, but I caught it once and it was a vampire and I just couldn’t get into it. And when I watched it, I learned it had been cancelled, so I thought “ok, don’t get involved”.

    Fast forward to Three Rivers. Same two friends… “watch this show”. This time it was on opposite TWO other things we watched, so I just caught glimpses here and there.

    In June 2010 (June 19 to be exact… I found the movie stub in my purse a while back… and I kept it. 🙂 ) Kathie and I went to the movies. Which it seems, we rarely get to do. Anyway, we decided on The Back Up Plan. Light and funny is what we needed. On the way to the movie, Kathie said “the guy who is in this is going to play McGarrett in the remake of Hawaii Five-0 this fall.” Then we started discussing remakes and how they are all awful and decided this show didn’t stand a chance.

    Well… when Stan got into that cab, it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. I leaned over and asked, “THIS is the guy who is going to play McGarrett??? WHO is he and WHERE has he been?” She said, “well you would know him if you had bothered to watch Moonlight or Three Rivers.

    I repented then and there. The movie was wonderful and I went right out and
    bought Moonlight. Devoured it! Tried to find Three Rivers and found it wasn’t out yet, so I downloaded a couple from iTunes. Even though I don’t like The Shield, I bought season 6 of that. All the while I was anxiously waiting for September 2010. And when it came on, I was hooked from the first scene.

    And I’ve been an Alex junkie ever since. I have (I think) copies of everything and even though I still can’t bring myself to
    watch Mary Bryant, I will someday.

    I will say that the last two Moonlight episodes are some of the best episodic TV I’ve seen. And Criminal Minds. Well, I’ve watched it three times and just can’t watch it again. It tears me up every time. I guess I should have nominated it in your poll, but I didn’t.

    So, I was a late-starter, but in 2010 I became an avid Alex fan… and at the same time, a Steve fan. It may take me a while, but I eventually get there…


    1. How often did I tell you to watch MB by now? You are hopeless. 🙂 Watch that film.

      I agree with you that most remakes are awful, and I was skeptical about their chances. Even though I was really looking forward to it, but was worried that it wouldn’t even survive half a season. SO glad we were both wrong. 🙂


  5. Great post, really long WOW. I watched Moonlight, I thought it was fun and some were really good, but it was nothing I would’ve stayed at home for.I thought that this guy had a nice face, but his hair 😁. Sorry, but I really don’t like men with long hair. I still can’t find him hot as Mick St. John. Then I saw a story on E about Hawaii Five-0 and I thought WOW he is HOT, is that really the vampier guy? I waited patiently till the pilot was aired…. Well, the next thing was….order everything he did so far.
    I love Mary Bryant, Oyster Farmer and ‘The Big Wheel’ and certainly Hawaii Five-0.
    Three River is very interessting, but mostly very sad sometimes I cried like a baby. TBUP is a nice movie, like it and YES that birth scene is horrible.
    Feed is very very special, not everyone’s cup of tea
    In shield and the other movies he is often just not enough on screen.


    1. I agree on the hair, prefer him with short hair too, but I think it fit the Mick character.

      The birth scene is one of THE worst scenes ever. I know a lot of people love it, but I just cringe every time. It’s just not funny, and doesn’t fit in the film, in my opinion.


  6. Wow! Great article. Totally agree about the tattoo ‘chest make-up’ on Five-0 always annoys me. ;D I first saw Moonlight on reruns. love that show, luckily missed all the angst about it’s cancellation. Three Rivers often made me cry, I loved the show because Alex was in it, and some of the other characters also, but I could also see why it would fail (pace, excitement, action etc.). Especially where/when it was broadcast, that’s where most shows go to die. (you can now purchase the full DVD from amazon, but it is not a CBS release.) I have to admit to not being brave enough to view Feed – maybe I can work my way to it one day! Oyster Farmer is my favourite, I love it because the characters remind me so much of home! I am really glad that there is now H5O and he is enjoying personal and work success. Again, Thanks so much for a really great read and view – made my day.


    1. Ah, you need to ‘man-up’ and watch Feed. 🙂 It’s a great film, and shows Alex’s talent in a wonderful way.

      Thank you for commenting, and I’m very happy that I could brighten your day. 🙂


  7. Great post, and I liked you had separeted pools about the caracther and his performance. I knew Alex in “The Back Up Plan” and since then, I join the fans club of Alex in Spain in FB (FSA) and I follow everything he does thanks to the Alexgirls


    1. Glad you found your way here. I wanted to have two polls because I think there is a distinct difference between best work and favorite, even though the poll shows that I’m probably wrong.


  8. You sure pose difficult questions for those polls!!!
    This is a wonderful article hon. You made me fall in love with Mick St John all over again. Boy, AOL is such a great character actor and honestly, doesn’t get to show us enough of that in H50….although the other side of the coin is lots of action and some of his great body!!
    His performance in Criminal Minds was absolutely heart wrenching and Mick St John also had some heart string tugging moments…;especially the scene you posted of his return to being a vampire to rescue his Beth.
    His performances in so many of his parts are breath taking and I’d love him to really get the reward he deserves for these parts one day.
    Only worry, I love H50 as you know, but I hope he gets more parts with more challenge to show his real acting ability in the future. I love super action bad ass SEAL Steve. I’d also just like however to see more of him in the series as for the moment, there are too many scenes with too many other people. I’d also like to see more character acting by our SEAL. He does emotional challenge so well….and Catherine….I want to see that developed far more and perhaps more sexily, like it was in the beginning of the series.
    Yeah, I know, I want, I want, I want!!! Ok, I just want a series where he’s in every episode about 90% of the time: Greedy….yeah!!! Fanatic? I hope not. Fan….for sure.


    1. Difficult? Maybe, but for me, the favorite part was the easy one. 😉 I think the best work is tougher; that’s why you can choose three answers there.

      I totally agree with you on Cath and Steve; we definitely need more of them. And the new promo pics suggest that we will get that.

      I think we saw quite some development from Steve this season, with his mom and Cath in the mix. And I’m really happy that Alex can show some of his talent.

      Greedy? Yeah, well, aren’t we all if it concerns our favorite guy. That is fine. Don’t worry. And I can testify that you are not fanatic. Not sure anyone would take my word for that. 😉


  9. So fun to read how people discovered Alex. I actually didn´t fall head over heels in love with him when I saw him first on screen. Moonlight happened to be on TV when I was randomly flicking through channels and I thought it was interesting and something special about the vamp. A couple of weeks went that I always happened to stumble on ML on TV and maybe after 6 episodes I finally started looking forward to a new epi every week. But again wasn´t totally hooked. Then Mary Bryant came on TV and I again accidentally stumbled on it. A few days later I finally decided to look up this actor. TV was on and the show Doctors, and just as I hit imdb they introduced their guest, Alex O´Loughlin. I was stunned, I kept looking at the info on imdb and then TV, no way it is the same guy! After that I was totally hooked 😀
    I think his best acting jobs have been in Oyster Farmer and Mary B and Feed. Because he got to show such a wide range of his amazing talent. TBUP isn´t my favorite, though Stan definitely is 😉 Now I own all his works and keep a blog and feed people the marvel of AOL 😀


    1. Thanks for telling your story. And I like to say that you are doing such a great job with feeding us with fun and interesting stuff about Alex! Love your blog.

      Oyster Farmer is a wonderful film, and Alex did a great job. Also on Mary B and Feed, but I think his best all around job is Steve McGarrett. He breathes life into that character in an amazing way. From the emotional side of Steve to the tough Navy SEAL, he brings it all with ease. As second I chose Vincent. That was one hell of a job he did there. And my third was Mick; simply, because AOL made me ‘love’ a vampire. And I can tell you that is no small feat.


  10. Thanks for such a great write up and insight. Like many fans I discovered Alex in Moonlight (and promptly became a huge Josef/Mick shipper because ‘hello, subtext’ *grin*). Then I heard about this really sick and disturbing movie Alex had been in called ‘Feed’. Being the little gorehound that I am, I immediately wanted to see this film and rather than sick and disturbing what I saw was just one intensely brilliant performance. That was it for me, I’ve been a fan ever since, I’ve sought out, and watched everything Alex has been in (even a romantic comedy, which for me is usually like the 9th circle of Dante’s hell), although to be honest I haven’t been able to get into Hawaii Five-0, I’ve tried but the show just doesn’t do it for me. Anyway, yes, I’m a fan of Alex O’Loughlin, not a ‘pin pictures up on my wall type fan’, but a fan nonetheless.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have two Vampires that need to be slashed 😉


  11. Hello, been touring around different sites tonight. Got H50 Season 1 playing in the background. (no baseball on tonight I want to watch!)
    Anyhow, I love your poll.
    I was on a Richard Dean Anderson aka RDA Thread for a long time, long time, and saw this one poster who had a sigline with this guy in it. I asked her “Who is that??” and she she said “Alex O’Loughlin – Don’t you watch Hawaii Five-O” I said “No” it was on Monday night’s “Castle” was on. Well I did some looking around.
    First of all I owned Back-up Plan, not for JayLo but for the “Guy in it” and then I saw who it was and WHAM!! I was hooked.
    Castle never got watch again – till I borrowed my friends DVD’s (a month ago!)
    But now that Hawaii Five-O is on Friday and Castle on Mondays I am good.
    So I borrowed my friends DVD’s and did a Marathon of Season 1 and 2 of Hawaii Five-O and Three Rivers – and some other movies.
    Then I was introduced to Mick St. John and I fell deep – no other character has gotten me that way since Magnum P.I. (loved when Tom Selleck did the voice overs too!) I agree with you Sam – I love that voice over – don’t have to watch just listen.
    If that man ever did a reading of a book on CD or tape, I would buy it.

    I just watched Jack in “Oyster Farmer” and he is so cute in that movie, but it was great!
    I see the poster for “Feed” and it’s the same director as “Virtuosity” – seen that Russell Crowe early movie, so I understand it being weird.
    Haven’t watched Mary Bryant yet, but I have it also! 🙂

    Thanks again, it was great to read your fall in Alex O’Loughlin land.

    I was a fan of RDA for 25 years hence my nickname OneillTwoLLs (ONTLLs shorter) but I didn’t fall for him that fast like I did Alex, it was like Wham this guy got me.


  12. now you’ve made me want to watch Moonlight! Your summary made me realize it isn’t a typical “vampire” show. I watched several clips that showed up at the end of the ones you linked. i really don’t need another obsession, so taking the time to watch those may have to wait. Great job on covering his work though.
    As much as i don’t think I could stomach (no pun intended) Feed, (i’m not into nudity or erotic/weird stuff) it was interesting seeing the interview Alex did and learning about his creative interests. It helps me see him as very serious about his craft (not that i didn’t already think he was).


  13. My love for Alex showed up in 2009 on Three Rivers as Andy then Hawaii Five 0 happened with him playing Steve Mcgarrett and it’s been pure Alex love ever since. Those eyes, his tattoos, his body every thing about him is perfect that’s why I love Alex so much.


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