First Poll

Since I’m still figuring out how WordPress works, I thought it was time to try my first poll.

Maybe you have noticed, or not, that the header is different every time you visit the blog. Well, at least there should be a random header up there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

At the moment, there are five different pictures, and I like to know which is your favorite. Let me know your reasons for your choice in the comments.

I truly hope this poll even shows up, because it didn’t in the preview. Okay, here it goes.

Darn, of course it doesn’t show up after posting. Going to find out why not.

Okay, since it won’t take residence here, we have to do this a little different for the time being. Just let me know in the comments which one you like best.

No. 1 – The eyes have it all

Poll Header 01

No. 2 – The team

Poll Header 02

No. 3 – Alex O on Five-0

Poll Header 03

No. 4 – Three times Alex, three times the fun

Poll Header 04

No. 5 – Surf’s up

Poll Header 05

9 thoughts on “First Poll

  1. 1, 3 and 4 are my favs….although I love them all. What a difficult choice you are making us make!!!!! Why do I like them……well, a certain hot guy is in them…lol lol


  2. OH, THE EYES HAVE IT, most definitely!!! Why? Because they are just… causing me to go speechless. But I have to agree with Sherry57… how can we go wrong with any of them???


  3. trying to figure out why you don’t get my comments in email… but I think I may have found out why. I just come on here and post comments without logging in first. I think I have to be logged in, but right now, I’m trying and it isn’t connecting to WordPress.


  4. love all of them, but i’d go with ‘the eyes have it all’
    can’t say exactly why, but there’s something very special about that pic, it kinda draws you in and never lets you go…


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