Calendar January

Jan 2013


Normally, I wait to post the Calendar until the hard copy reached the recipients, but since it looks like it will still take a few days I thought what the heck. Cokie, Sherry, this way you can at least enjoy it ‘on-screen’. But the good news is, you’ll get Jan and Feb at the same time. Not here, but by mail. Sorry for the delay.

Christmas caught me by surprise. LOL


And just for fun the corresponding wallpaper for the theme.


H50 - 61

2 thoughts on “Calendar January

  1. Thank you so much hon. I looked automatically at the place on my wall the calendars live this morning and was just thinking, I was missing January’s!!!
    Love love what you’ve done like usual!!! Happy January.
    hugs, Sherry


    • You are very welcome. The ‘real’ one should reach you this week. In December I thought ‘you have time, don’t worry’. And suddenly it was Christmas and I couldn’t get the photos printed in time. Darn it. My fault. Not gonna happen again. 😉


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