Protective Gear

Cleaning out my hard drive I stumbled over this silliness I made over the last hiatus.

Steve showed us some nice protective gear over the first two seasons, and I thought it was time to show off some of his stuff. Get your minds out of the gutter! 😉


Personally, I loved this undershirt vest. This one was only topped with the one in 1×08 (The Pilot is 1×01 in my books), the episode where Danny’s friend is killed.



Of course, there isn’t much that is better than tan cargoes, white shirt and tac-vest.


And one other thing, can we PLEASE get back the gray hair from season one? Please?

Since Steve is a pretty colorful guy, he can do his protective gear in various colors. You just got to love dirty, sweaty Steve.


Okay, not much protection here, but I guess you don’t mind all that much.


Let’s get ready for a swim…


Or better yet, a run…


Ehem… what was this about again?

Right, protective gear.

Let‘s get back to that.

Nothing new on the protection front, except for thigh holsters. What a great invention.


Well, okay, we can do this in Ninja-colors…


And those three are wearing boring HPD standard models. That will change…


Everything is new and improved in season 2. And please note that they are all wearing the same vests now. OKAY, not right away, but soon…


Not the final version, but we’re getting there…


Steve has found HIS vest. The others will get there soon…


WHAT? This IS about protective gear. I‘m sure he is wearing some. Well, at least I hope so. 🙂



„No, no, really, Steven, I like my old vest. No need to change it.“


„Danny, you should really re-think that. Look at all those great pockets.“


„Ah, crap. Now you have convinced Chin. Who‘s next? Kono?“


„Nope. Lori. But I‘ll get Kono next. Danny, look at you. That vest is ridiculous.“


„Come on, Danny, don‘t be a stubborn idiot. Look, Kono is wearing the new one now.“


„Danny, how about if we get you such a nice golden name tag? Will you wear the  new one then? Please?“


„Okay, fine, I‘ll admit it. The new one is kind of cool.“


„And it only took you two seasons to see that.“


And now just for fun my favorite season 2 BTS picture.


11 thoughts on “Protective Gear

  1. Pockets, no pockets, any color, nothing, thigh holster…….anything!!! He just looks good and sexy in all and nothing!!!!! Thanks for all these great pics hon!!! Did I say I love thigh holsters?!!?


  2. I loved the S1 gear. I think it’s all way overblown in S3 but I guess that’s what they want, “bigger the better”.

    But I loved this!! Been working on something too. Great minds, same circles. 😉

    PS…it took me a good while to get past pic #2. *for reasons* Thank you.


  3. I did spend quite a long time in this… research… and have come to a conclusion. That’s one mighty fine looking man. As if I needed any further ‘stimulation’ to clue me into that fact. And I *love* that last photo, too. Well, with the exception of “She Who Will Remain Nameless”. Other than that, it is a great photo. Thanks for the hard work. I know you really struggle putting these things together. Work, work, work!


    1. Yes, thank you for acknowledging what a terrible job it is to look through all those pics. And then even to make screen caps from the video. Having to watch those scenes again. 🙂


  4. I think Steve´s west in so 1 was too short. Really no protection of lower back, I always felt it was a baby sized west back then…
    222, black on black looked so hot 😀


  5. Okay, that was a fun tour of Vest.
    You missed the Vest with the gun attached to it, thought that was a cool idea, but then we miss out on the “adjusting of the pants!!”
    I love that you miss the Grey (aka Silver is the new term) hair. I miss it too.
    Here is hoping for a great Season 4 of vest wear! 🙂

    P.S. Thanks for your favourite BTS picture of Season 2, I didn’t have that version, got the other two, but not that one 😉


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