New Year – New Design

Even though I was very happy with the Ocean Mist design that I used for this blog, until now, I was not very happy with the readability of it. That’s why I made some changes, hopefully for the better.

The font is slightly bigger, as well as the space for the comments.

New is also that you have to open the post (either on clicking on the title, or on the bubble on the top right) to make a comment, or to like and share it. That’s a bit unfortunate, but I think not that significant in the long run.

Mark it

Mark it 2

Mark it 3

I hope you will enjoy the bigger pictures as well.

And last but not least you can find Links on the right. Check them out if you like.


Let me know what you think of the slight overhaul.

4 thoughts on “New Year – New Design

  1. the new design is great. And the screen captures are wonderful. I could just keep staring at them. Also, thanks for the shout out about the fanfic. That is very sweet of you. Quite unnecessary and totally untrue, but thank you!


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