Random thoughts about 3-11

I’m sorry I took so long to post this one, but RL is very demanding at the moment.

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched… blablabla… Now let’s get this photo show, I mean rambling, no, review… ah, whatever, on the road.

“Something on your mind?”

No, Steve, not at all. I’m sure it was  Catherine’s dream to have breakfast in the car for quite a while now.

Men are really clueless. But this guy is so cute that I wouldn’t mind having breakfast with him, no matter where that would be.

3-11 001

Steve, if you concentrate really hard, maybe you can figure out what your girlfriend would like.

3-11 002

DON’T interrupt when Steve tries to learn something.

3-11 003

That wanna-be-carjacker had to learn not to mess with Steve on a date the hard way.

3-11 004

And I absolutely loved Sgt. Lukela’s reaction to learning that someone tried to carjack Steve. “You sure picked the wrong car, brother.” Oh, he is so right about that. LOL I think it’s really great that Sgt. Duke Lukela (Dennis Chun) seems to be a permanent fixture in season 3. I think he is a great character. He flows very naturally, and he fits very well into the show. The show does a terrific job with these smaller recurring roles.

3-11 005

Steve seems to enjoy this little episode with the idiot of a robber. And I have to say I enjoyed these first two minutes immensely. For me, it was one of the most funny, light and charming openers of an episode so far. I absolutely loved it.

3-11 006

Okay, now here comes my first question. Would Steve really be asking about the kid? Not that he isn’t a caring guy who can emphasize easily. But I wonder if he would ask about the kid sitting with handcuffs at some desk? Not that I’m complaining, because it gave us some great scenes, heck the whole episode was built on the next scenes. I simply wonder what woke his interest in the story about some random boy in a police station? Give me your thoughts about that.

3-11 007

They have had some really great young actors lately. Last week’s Lucy was just wonderful, and I think this week’s Ethan was very good as well. I knew I saw him before, but I had to look it up on imdb. Here is the trailer for the movie I saw him in. I think it looks like a film to watch.

Ethan Awana – Tristan Lake Leabu

3-11 008

Ethan obviously managed to get Steve’s attention. I don’t know how the procedure really is, but I would think if a minor would come to a police station someone would listen to him if he told them his dad didn’t come home, and he is alone right now. I mean he is just 13, and that station is not some over flown precinct in some not so nice neighborhood in NY, LA, or any other major city. So, I thought someone would have time to listen to him, before he had to use the drastic measures like throwing in a window. Just wondering about that. On the other hand, that neglect gave us the task force leader taking care of a young boy. 😉

3-11 009

Danny, my new friend, for once you are absolutely right. This was a ridiculous idea. And I’m not even talking about hiring Danny. Danny, who has absolutely no idea about helicopters or anything that flies, to negotiate a better price? If I wanted to buy that thing, I would have asked Steve. For certain not Danny, even though he got the job done in the end. Getting back to being ridiculous. I’m talking about Kamekona getting a helicopter to fly tourists around in that thing. Excuse me? First, he wouldn’t even be allowed to get his licence. No offence, but have you looked at Kamekona lately? And second, how the heck would he even fit behind the stick? I was hoping that talking about him getting a helicopter was a one-time  fun joke, and that’s it. But no, they seem to be serious about this. It’s laughable, and not in a good way. I don’t think it’s funny at all. It’s unrealistic and stupid.

3-11 010

Sorry to be so harsh about this, but it angers me. And another question, where did he get 170,000 $ from? I find that very suspicious. He was in jail for drugs, weapons and other stuff. And we know that he probably still has those weapons stashed away somewhere. Remember the season one finale?

3-11 011

And remember season two with San Min? Maybe what he said back then was the truth, and his shrimp truck is just a cover. That would be cool. If I were Five-0, I would investigate him.

3-11 012

Now that brought memories back. Remember Magnum P.I.? I loved that show back then. No idea if that was the original chopper T.C. flew, but I loved the homage to that great eighties show.

3-11 013

Just a little side note here, we are five (yes, 5) minutes into the show and already have 13 pictures. Guess my normal 20ish will not be enough this time. Hope you don’t mind.

I really liked Cath and Steve carefully ‘interrogating’ Ethan on the way to his dad’s store. I think Steve and Cath are making a great team. And I think Cath is really good with kids. She was great with Grace in the Halloween episode, and she’s really great with Ethan.

3-11 014

“Come to stay with us.” Steve, who exactly is ‘us’? You and Cath? Does that mean something is going on we don’t know anything about yet? I mean you two have a thing, right? Steve, you are so busted. I loved how they are both thinking they are together, but not really acknowledging it TO each other. So funny. Well, I guess the end of the ep takes care of that, but we’re not there yet.

3-11 015

I completely forgot to deliver the Microsoft shot in the last review. But actually, I’m not sure there even was one. This time Mr. Gates was again very prominently placed. 😉 Oh, and by the way, can I please get a Batsignal like that? Maybe for Christmas? Please?

3-11 016

Okay, I have a confession to make. I was so well entertained the last ten minutes that I totally forgot that we might need to start investigating the Crime of the week. I was completely content to watch Steve/Cath/Ethan and Kame/Danny. But of course this is a crime show, well of sorts, so let’s start the investigation.

3-11 017

No, Danny, I don’t think you’re an idiot for saying yes to Grace flying to Vegas to visit Stan. He might not like it, but Stan is Grace’s step dad. And personally, I think he is not a bad one. And I’m sure Grace also loves Stan, not like her dad, but still she lives with him, and if all the pictures are any indication, they do live a happy life. And I think it’s only natural that Rachel would spend Christmas with her husband and her two kids. So, Danny, you did the right thing. Be thankful that you could see her every Christmas until now. She will be back, and you will have a great time with her after Christmas.

3-11 018

3-11 019

I think this cargument was pretty good, but of course, I have a question. Why does he do that? Why does Danny always have to pick on Steve? Why can’t he imagine that maybe a Christmas at McGarrett’s house is actually a really nice event? Giving out Guns and Ammo magazine subscriptions? Really, Danny? Can’t you imagine that your buddy might actually be really nice to his girlfriend and pick a really great present for her? Or even for his mother, who he didn’t have on any Christmas day for twenty years? You can’t imagine that he might be looking forward to this Christmas for even the first time in twenty years? He even told you back in season 1 that he had missed EVERY major holiday. But no, you have to make fun of him, belittle him. Practically telling him that he and all McGarrett’s are not capable of spending time together with the spirit of love and joy in mind and heart. That really pisses me off. Sam, take a deep breath. I know most people don’t see it like that, and think his words are only funny, and said in good fun. But I don’t see it like that. I think what he says is hurtful and inconsiderate. And shows me how very little he knows about his so-called  best friend. Rant over. On with the show. But I like to hear your thoughts about Danny’s words. Really, I do. Even if you most likely think I’m nuts having this opinion.

Kono! Welcome to the show. 😉 On it for only seconds, but delivering the first lead. Good job.

3-11 020

Well, that’s what I call ‘covered in blood’. Poor guy looks pretty guilty.

3-11 021

I’m still not quite sure what Chin dug out, or in, or whatever, but I think it was pretty hilarious. Poor guy.

3-11 022

I must say it looked more and more like Bruce was one of the bad guys, and I didn’t like that. But he would be in trouble anyway, even if he was a good guy. Possession of an unregistered firearm is a criminal offence. It doesn’t look good for him.

3-11 023

Okay, now I was officially stumped about what was going on. Where the heck does this money come from? No way, he made that with his store. My first thought was maybe insurance money from his dead wife? But why would that be in the basement?

3-11 024

And to make it even more fun, and to say it with Danny’s words, a mystery on top of the mystery. Really, a John Doe?

3-11 025

Aw, Max, I for one love your long-winded  explanations. Don’t listen to Danny. Please stay your adorable self.

3-11 026

Now we’re slowly, very slowly getting closer to what is going on. It seems that the shotgun victim was producing ‘moonshine’ – or at the very least drinking it.

Fun Fact: Do you know where the term ‘Moonshine’ comes from?

Moonshine, also known as ‘white lightning’, mountain dew (nope, not the soda kind), hooch or Tennessee white whiskey, is a very high proof, often 190 proof (95 % alcohol), distilled spirit, generally produces illicitly. The word is believed to derive from the term ‘moonrakers’ used for early English smugglers and the clandestine (i.e. by the light of the moon) nature of the operations of illegal Appalachian distillers who produced and distributed whiskey.

The Moonshine Man of Kentucky, illustration from Harper’s Weekly, 1877, showing five scenes from the life of a Kentucky moonshiner

3-11 027

Okay, let’s get one thing straight here. I like guest stars, and I understand the need for them. So, I’m good with that. But I’m not good with how they use them, or in this case how they present them. George Takei as Chin’s uncle was surely great. But I think he was really wasted. Not because I expected him to have a bigger role, which guest star was seen longer than a few minutes on Five-0 anyway? No, because we saw his complete part in the sneak peek. I think that is just dumb. Promote a guest star, who we know will be on for a couple of minutes, and show his whole act before the episode even airs. Shaking my head here, that is a concept I don’t understand.

3-11 028

Speaking of promotion for a product. Peter Lenkov’s R.I.P.D. is now being filmed and will come to the movies in 2013. Starring Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Bacon and Mary-Louise Parker.

3-11 029

“A recently slain cop joins a team of undead police officers working for the Rest in Peace Department and tries to find the man who murdered him.”

3-11 030

Everyone who didn’t know that Ethan would run, please raise your hand. That was SO obvious. Cath, that was not your finest hour. 😉 But I think she and Steve, did a great job with Ethan.

3-11 031

Please tell me something. How did they get there right when Ethan is about to climb the fence? A second before that we saw the taxi pull away and there are no other car or people in sight. But next second they are right there. Did they beam there? But for that they had the wrong guy from Star Trek on their show. That actually is a pet peeve of mine. When people materialize out of thin air. I mean so many people are watching a take, at least one of them must realize, at the latest in the editing room, that there is something happening that is impossible.  Most viewers probably don’t even realize that or don’t care about it. But something like that drives me up the wall. Where the heck did they come from?

3-11 032

I must admit I was kind of lost with all the new players in this case. Now comes another one, and Ethan’s dad pulled a gun on him? Okay, I just thought I wait it out from now on. It may be best not to think about it anymore.

I have to say I was really surprised to see Mako again. Didn’t they arrest him? Or at least take him in for questioning? I thought he was still with HPD or at Five-0 HQ. Well, now he is being arrested. But somehow our two heroes look almost as confused as I was. 😉

And his story doesn’t make this whole thing any clearer. Some secret dude buys some secret stuff from Bruce and pays in cash? For what? And who is he? Frankly, I kind of lost interest in the COTW.

I love the blue interrogation room. Really nice colors on Five-0. Blue seems to be their color. Now even Danny is wearing blue. Maybe someone should tell the costume department that there are, in fact, other colors one could wear. Steve in gray, pale green might be nice from time to time. I mean blue is my favorite color, and he does look darn yummy in it, but all the time? And now Danny too?

3-11 034

Okay, at this point I gave up. A bank robbery from five years ago, and the robber pays Bruce with the stolen money? Bruce buys stuff for Stuart Rizzi (the bank robber) and gets his money back with the stolen money? And why would Rizzi buy property with the stolen money? I don’t get it. And it looks like they don’t get it either.

3-11 035

You all know I’m not a Kono fan, but why wasn’t she with the boys? Why was she staying at HQ at all times? Is there a logical reason for it? Or was that RL interfering with filming? Like GP needed time off or something? I found her absence illogical.

3-11 036

From now on, it’s clear that we will see some Action-Cath. The bank robber has Bruce and now also Ethan as a hostage. But why? I thought he was the one paying Bruce the money? And now he comes back for it? I really don’t understand this whole plot. The dead guys are all part of the gang that wanted to steal the money after they learned about its existence. I get that. And I understand that Rizzi killed the two guys on his property. What I don’t get is why he is now after the money he gave Bruce? His two million are all gone? That money is the only money he could get to go into hiding? That sounds pretty weak to me. I would think he has some of it stashed in different places. But maybe he really isn’t that smart. Tell me what you think about it.

3-11 037

Cath for sure knows how to take care of herself and the situation. That was a great fight. No need for the boyfriend to save the damsel in distress.

3-11 038

I think the wrap-up of the episode was at least as good as the beginning. Even though we didn’t learn if Ethan’s dad is  charged with anything.

3-11 039

I could get used to this.

3-11 040

I’m really, truly enjoying the team get-togethers we had this season. I think it’s great to see them enjoying each other’s company after work. And I loved Max’s innocence about the Mile-high-club. That was so cute.

3-11 041

I don’t think there could be too much of this. I mean this is IT.

3-11 042

I had to laugh at their faces. Just look at Kono. Of course Danny thinks he is funny. Sorry, Danny, but you are not.

3-11 043

So, I guess this makes it official then. In front of the whole team. Steve, no denying of having a girlfriend anymore. 😉

I’m sure his surprise worked. First throw the girlfriend off with a ‘special breakfast’, and then show up to sweep her off her feet for a really special dinner. Smooth, Steve.

3-11 044

I’m sure they will have a very enjoyable dinner. IF they make  it to dinner that is.

3-11 045

Wow, thanks for sticking with me through this monster of a non-review. Well, I guess the pictures were not that hard to look at. At least, I hope so.

Okay, now let’s take a look at the rating system after all my ramblings.

Storyline: Well, I was thoroughly confused for quite a long time. I guess that is a good thing. At least it is better than figuring it out after five minutes. But I think this was not really about the crime of the week. Which I’m still not sure what it was. So I will just take it as what it was, some bad guys doing something and in the end all is well again.

Action: Not really that much in it. Except for Catherine’s fight. And that was pretty awesome. This gets an A for sure.

Guest-Star: George Takei was good, sure, but again with the two-minute  stints. Oh well.

Fun factor: I enjoyed this episode tremendously. It was funny, without being stupid. It had such cute scenes. I loved the whole tone of the episode. An A without a doubt.

Awe-factor: Oh boy. 007 in da house. Enough said.

Steve-Awesomeness: This is the Steve I absolutely adore. He was funny, cute, sensitive, bad-ass. Simply a guy you would want to be around. And I love him with kids. Give us more of that. This was A plus worthy.

Danny-bearableness: You had my Danny rant above, nothing to add to it. He didn’t make any points with me this week. But he was watchable. LOL

Support group: Chin had some great scenes; he can do humor really well. Kono? Was Kono even in this one? I didn’t miss her, don’t get me wrong, but I thought her absence was kind of strange. Max. Ah, Max, I love you. And it was nice to see Kamekona again.

Personal Enjoyment: I really, truly enjoyed this episode from the first to the last minute. I wouldn’t even skip any scenes if I watched  it again. Okay, when I watch it again. For me, this was an A plus for sure.

I’m really looking forward to your thoughts about this episode. Did you like it, hate it?

6 thoughts on “Random thoughts about 3-11

  1. ok, I don’t know where to start. The opening scene had me smiling all the way through it. I don’t know what I expected, but that truly wasn’t it! I hope that Steve was just pretending to be such a slob because as cute as he is, that was grossing me out, eating and talking at the same time. I hope he was playing up the ‘joke’ meal he was giving her. I hope. If not, then he really is a neanderthal. 🙂

    The poor robber never stood a chance. I loved when he whined that Steve “pulled out my nose ring” and Lukela said to be sure and get it into evidence!

    Now… seeing the boy. I think Steve would have been immediately drawn to him because he looked so out of place, handcuffed to a desk in the police station. Steve wasn’t much older than that when he was “lost” and I think he saw some of himself in Ethan. Loved the bit about the bobby pin working better than a paper clip.

    Now, I had heard that Kamekona would have another business this year, but asking Danny to buy the chopper was a bit much. Unless, he wanted him because of his Jersey accent, hoping to intimidate the seller. But I loved that Danny used his own form of intimidation. And you’re right… I doubt Kame would be allowed to pilot the chopper. But maybe, since he has a chopper and no license, that chopper can be used in a later episode… with someone who IS a licensed pilot. At least, that’s my hope. And I would cheer even more if they played the Magnum music at the same time. 🙂

    But, enough of that story line.

    Loved Steve and Cath with Ethan. They work really well together and I am so glad the PTB brought her in. I can’t even begin to say how much better she is than Jenna or Lori, who couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. She is on Chicago Fire this year and while she is moderately better, I have trouble even watching her.

    You’re right… not much Kono. But there has been an ep when Danny was absent for a few scenes, then one where Chin was absent for a few scenes, so maybe they are giving them a day’s break or something.

    I did like Danny and Chin talking to Uncle, but you’re right… why show the entire scene prior to the show? I wish they sometimes wouldn’t show as many clips as they do, spoiling entire scenes. A clip is nice, but I think they should want you begging for more, rather than realizing “this is it”.

    The plot was a bit hard to follow, but I think I finally figured it out. Bad guy couldn’t go back to his beautiful compound for all his money because the police was there, so he had paid money to Ethan’s dad and wanted that back, is why they went home.

    oh! loved Ethan’s third degree of Cath about her and Steve’s relationship. Cute.

    Ditto on the scene when he took off out of the office. EVERYone saw that one coming. Poor Cath, she had to go with the script, I suppose, but I think I would have raised my hand and said, “Um, guys, Cath isn’t that stupid…”

    I’m skipping a lot because it has to do with plot, and well, who cares??? But Chin with pig gunk all over him was funny… mainly because he was so irate. And messy. I suppose that was fat from a hot pig. Whatever, glad it wasn’t me. And I did like that the guys *tried* not to laugh.

    The cargument was OK. When I see something like that and listen to Danny’s ranting, I don’t immediately think like you do, but you’re right, that was condescending. And could be hurtful if Steve let it be. I’m sure they would have had a nice Christmas. And I bet Danny was there, too!

    Loved kick-a** Cath. and yes, the timing could have been a tiny bit better, Steven! That was cute. And then when Ethan agreeing with her, wel, that was funny.

    The ending there in the driveway when Ethan came over to thank them was sweet. As was them kanoodling on the way to the car. He certainly looks like he is over the “girlfriend” hump, and that would have been a nice closing scene. But… we knew there had to be another coming because of the previews.

    Poor Max. I just love him to pieces, but he can be a bit dense, can’t he? Once again, Danny rants over a minor thing… accept the gift graciously. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to, but don’t be so rude about it.

    And then we come to Bond, James Bond… oh my! Catherine is one lucky lady! But, (a) I hope they did make it to dinner, just on the principle of the matter. Dessert could surely have come later. (b) she was a bit under- dressed, so I do hope he allowed her to go home and change. And (c) he sure raised the bar on any future dates!

    Solid A+ for scenery, eye candy and fun quotient. An A for plot, because I’ll be honest, most of the time I was watching and not listening. There was a LOT to take in for this episode. And it was oh-so-good!

    now… a couple of your comments… I’m good with blue. Both in and out of the blue room. 🙂

    and in that diagram of the “Kentucky Moonshiners”, I may have a relative or two in there. I do know that until the 1970s, there were moonshine runs in the country where my parents came from in rural Kentucky. My cousin and I were driving my first car down there one day and we were on a dirt road and this old pick-up truck almost ran us off into the ditch. Sammy (my cousin) said that the truck had been stopped several times for running moonshine. But authorities didn’t know where the still was. Regardless, thank you for adding a bit of Kentucky history to your review. 🙂

    And that movie with “Ethan” does look good, but it looks like quite a heart-wrencher. I’m sure I would cry buckets.

    OK, I’m done!!! And you’re thinking “it’s about time”… 🙂


    • Never, I’d never think ‘It’s about time’. Loved your comments, and you are surely right, this was more an episode to watch rather than to listen to.

      I pretty much gave up on Danny in this one. He is just rude and has no manners. I don’t understand what people see in him. He is entertaining at times with Steve but that is it. But, hey, everyone his/her own.

      I couldn’t resist the bit about Kentucky. 😉

      I’m sure Steve has a dress for Cath ready somewhere. Who knows where he is taking her. And yes, I’m sure the beginning was just to throw her off. I’m sure he has his fun.


  2. I agree with pretty much everything you said. Especially the christmas thing. Its such a personal thing to invite a friend to spend christmas with your family and Danny is just making fun of it. No one would react like that…
    Loved the cath and steve scenes of course. Especially them hugging in front of the car. I watched that countless times :p
    I hope you dont mind me posting comments to your entries, but I’m enjoying your page so much that I just wanted to let you know that I’m reading it too. Oh and I’ve been doing wallpapers and signatures and stuff for many years now. I saw yours and thought that I should really start making some with Five-O characters too so we can share them 🙂


  3. gotta admit, i love your reviews! even though i haven’t seen the ep yet (my internet access is sooo acting up… 😦 ) i just couldn’t not read your post any longer…
    i have to agree with your rant about danny. that doesn’t make him any more likeable to me. it always seems like he’s the only normal guy who does everything perfectly and steve on the other hand is everything but.

    LOL at everything blue, but you’re spot on there. maybe we could make some suggestions for a new wardrobe?

    sorry, for any other comment i will have to watch the ep first 😉


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