Random thoughts on 3.08

Major spoilers for the episode, well obviously. Just so you know…

Just some random thoughts about the episode. It’s not a review per se. It’s more like thoughts that popped into my head with the one or other scene.

What got my attention right from the start was that there was no five-minute  foreplay before the title sequence. I must admit at times I find the time until the murder occurs too long. Like on 3.04 with the headless polo player. That took way too long. I like it much better when Five-0 get right to work. This time it only took 49 seconds. That was very refreshing and nice.

Speaking of nice. I love Catherine’s car and wondered since we saw it first if Steve drives that one as well, or if he gets banned to the passenger seat? Any thoughts? Oh, and of course it’s nice to know that she has a house. So Steve and Cath could get away from mom, if they needed some alone-time. 😉

I think it was interesting to see that Catherine helping Steve does have consequences from time to time. Even though I didn’t feel much sympathy for the Federal Marshal.

Here comes our victim, and as Kono said he had a great day. Shot, burned and hit by a car. Guess that would be enough for everyone.

Alright, this is a game I’m going to play from now on. I bet we will get at least one shot of something ‘Microsoft’ in every episode. Show, we get it; you are sponsored by Mr. Gates. Subtlety is still not your strong suit.

And one other thing, Skype in that quality? Yeah right, I like to see that.

It didn’t take them long to find out about their first suspect. Well, in Steve’s eyes, their only and guilty suspect. Olivia Victor, the victim’s therapist.

Here comes my first question that might be a critique point. Why does Olivia live on Maui when she has her offices on Oahu? I mean, I understand that the show wants to show the other islands, and I think that is great. But quite frankly, this doesn’t make much sense. Maui is not just around the corner.

Oh, what a power play. Steve sparring with the psychoanalyst was fun to watch. I totally got his frustration about the case. He knew that she was guilty the second he laid eyes on her. As was I, she just had ‘the look’. 🙂

But no one was willing to believe him, everyone questioned his judgment, except one. And I love her for it even more. Catherine, you go, woman!

I was feeling for Steve when his team didn’t really believe him. I thought it was sad that they were more trying to prove him wrong than prove that she did it. Of course they investigated, but I felt it was more against Steve than trying to figure out the truth. That might not be very objective, but it’s the vibe I got off the episode. And that reminded me of all the times his team, and especially Danny had told him that he was not a cop. I’m sure he had to listen to a lot of bull for running the task force as a non-cop, a military guy coming and leading a prestigious task force. But he does have damn good instincts. What he did before Five-0 is not that different from detective work. Anyway, this episode reminded me of those times where he had to listen to all kinds of accusations that he has no idea how police work is done.

When he and Kono came back from Maui, Danny and Chin looked rather skeptical about his suspicion. Even Kono didn’t believe his theory. Side question here. Why did they need a pilot for the helicopter? Why didn’t Steve fly that thing? Would have saved them some money, wouldn’t it?

Okay, here is my second ‘complaint’ about why I think it didn’t make much sense to be on Maui. How in the world did she make it back to Oahu and talk to the witness before Steve and Kono did? And I’m sure they had their helicopter waiting for them. How did she do that?

After talking to the victim’s wife, our two boys have a great cargument. I loved it how Danny was not believing Steve and trying to tell him without also pissing him off. And how Steve defended his point of her being the killer. That was a really good one.

Okay, now let’s talk about the second string of the episode. Catherine Rollins and Ex-Marshal Chris Channing on Doris’ protection detail. I think they opened a can of worms with this particular storyline. First question that popped into my mind was about the timeline. 37 years ago? Didn’t Doris tell Steve she quit the business when she became a mom? But that her actions came back to her when Steve was 15? So, if she killed Mengosta 37 years ago, why didn’t he go after her during the 15 years before her ‘death’? That is all very fishy, why would the death of a ‘housewife’ heighten her profile and give the bad guy a hint about his ‘killer’? Best not to think about it too much. Anyway, I really liked this part of the episode, until the end, but we’ll come to that.

After this we get another ‘argument’ between Danny and Steve. I really wonder why Danny, the so-called  detective, doesn’t see that something is not right with that therapist? I loved it how Steve kept his cool. With Danny and before that during the great scenes in the therapist’s office.

I think Danny is enjoying this way too much. And another question, can the court issue a restraining order against an officer investigating a suspect? That would be counterproductive, now wouldn’t it? But we will find out later how she managed to get that one and probably a lot more.

I loved Catherine worry about Steve and him asking her to help him. Those two are just too good together. I really hope they are not going to mess this up.

Steve’s next moves were not the cleverest, but gave us another round of power play. This episode was really cleverly written. Not much action in it, but their confrontations were really great. And I truly hope we haven’t seen the last of that doctor.

That woman is just a bit too sure of herself. I never doubted Steve was right, but I can understand how he was pretty much alone with his opinion.

In an earlier episode, we learned that Steve and Catherine worked together in Naval Intelligence. After seeing her doing her thing in this episode, I would LOVE to see them working together.

I absolutely loved the total happiness of coming closer to figuring out what was going on. And I was so happy that Danny finally admitted that Steve just might be right after all. Finally, Buddy. 😉

Getting her at the airport gave not just me great satisfaction, but I’m sure Steve as well.

Okay, I did not expect this. I know Doris is a trained killer for the CIA, but this, well that was a bit of a surprise. She doesn’t seem to have any boundaries. It will be interesting to see how far she will go on this show and what is still to happen.

Come on, what kind of stupid crap was this? Steve is no idiot; he knows that Doris has enemies other than Wo Fat. And he knows that her past was not that of a harmless housewife. So, her reasoning for Catherine not to tell Steve is total bogus. And Catherine to agree to not telling Steve about this, is the only critique point I have about this episode. I so wished she said that she wouldn’t tell, but not lie to him either if he brought  it up. Steve trusts Catherine, and if he would be betrayed by her, that would be a fatal blow for him. I truly hope they won’t do that. But I’m pretty sure this is what will put their relationship, whatever that is, in jeopardy. I hope the show will not mess these two up. I would be royally miffed about that.

So… what do I give this episode?

• I loved it.

• The case was intriguing.

• They really got me with the prostitute stuff. I didn’t see that one coming.

• I loved the sparring not just between Steve and Olivia, but Steve with almost his whole team. Great.

• I loved Action-Catherine, using her skills to protect Doris.

• And helping her friend.

• And not objecting to the term ‘boyfriend’.

• Love you Catherine.

• This episode will have a lot of repercussions. As soon as Steve finds  out what happened. And there is no doubt in my mind that he will. That will not be pretty.

• I really liked Danny in this one. Okay, I’m not a fan of him, as you know, if you read my reviews regularly,  but I really liked him in this one. I even liked him ‘attacking’ Steve for believing so strongly in the doctor’s guilt. This time Danny was really good. And no, I don’t think it was because he was missing the first 11 minutes. I just think in this episode his ‘rants’ and his actions fit. I can’t explain it any other way, but I think this is the very first episode that I didn’t find Danny annoying at all. Not for a single second. It seems there is still hope for me. 😉

I give this one a big fat A.

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