Random thoughts on 3.07 Ohuna

Warning – major spoilers in this one. If you haven’t seen the episode, read at your own risk.

Thinking about last night’s episode disappointment comes to mind first. But thinking about it for a bit longer made me see that it was my own fault to feel that way. I was expecting a very different episode.

But let’s not jump the gun here, let’s talk about the positive aspects of Ohuna. And we all know there are always positive things about an episode of Five-0. Always things to love. And this one wasn’t any different.

• How great was big brother Steve?

• Mary, I expected better from you. Again not holding a job? Girl, your brother put his word in for you last time you were in town. But you will obviously never grow up. It’s no secret that I don’t like Mary, probably mostly because I watched the deleted scenes from the pilot episode. Since then I can’t say anything positive about her. I know she is not completely at fault for her ways, but her brother was nothing but supportive all her life. I just have a problem with how she is treating him. First time we ‘officially’ saw her on the show back in season one, she was not even really there and already in trouble. And as soon as she opened her mouth she blamed Steve for everything bad that has happened to her over the years. I guess it got a little better lately, but she is still aimlessly drifting through life. Maybe now that mom is back, she will finally find a purpose and will become a likeable person. I sure hope so. Not just for her sake but mostly for Steve.

• And of course Steve is the one telling his mom that her daughter doesn’t want to see her.

But what did she expect? That Mary comes running to her? I think Mary’s initial reaction was great, it was clear that she needed some time to process everything.

• Doris was acting rather strange. She should be thankful that her son is so willing to give her as much as he is. Even though he doesn’t trust her, but he realized right away that she is his mom after all, and there was no other way but to let her into his life again.

• The case. I think it was pretty good. Young computer hacker getting kidnapped right after being released after completing his sentence? That was intriguing. I had all kinds of scenarios in my head right away.

• I’m not a fan of Kono, but she did a good job. We will come to the negative part a little later.

• Not sure if this is positive or negative, but could we do the product placements a little bit more subtle? Positive of course is that Microsoft is willing to invest so much money in Five-0. Their products are very heavily promoted on the show. I must confess they were already successful with me. Since Five-0 introduced it, I’m a user of SkyDrive. A great, free service from Windows Live.

• Five-0 surprised me. And believe me that is not easy, but they manage it from time to time. I did not expect the victim to be dead. That was kind of a wow moment.

• And the case got more interesting by the minute. Why would someone torture that boy? What information could he have that are worth such an elaborate kidnapping, which even results in his death. And the kidnappers were not even done yet.

• Aw, Toast. So good to see you coming back. He was last seen in early season one. I love it that they get back to some of their characters.

• It was clear that Doris wouldn’t give up to meet with her daughter. I was hoping she wouldn’t force her though. I think the scene with her watching Mary was very well done.

• Okay, I know I said I wanted Mary to come to her senses, but I must admit, this was not very believable. Not to me anyway. She always acted like she was really mad at her dad and resented him big time. And now she is breaking down at his grave? That was a bit too much for my taste. Yeah, yeah, I know with her mom being ‘not dead’ and all, she and her dad are suddenly on the same betrayed side. But still, I didn’t buy it. Sounds almost like this was a negative, doesn’t it? No, not really, I liked the scenes, but only because of mom. I think she realized for the first time what she had done to her kids. Good for her.

• Okay, question here. Can someone please tell me what Steve and Danny were doing while Chin and Kono were busy working and plotting? Just asking.

• Ah, here you are, at least one of the boys. But I would really like to know what they were doing in the last five minutes of show time.

• What I love most about ‘leader’ Steve is his ability to know right away when something is wrong with his people. He showed that a few times in the last seasons, and I really like how he’s always offering to listen to them and how he offers advice.

• I really like Chin in command. He is doing a way better job in Steve’s absence than Danny, at least I think so. He is a lot more like Steve, keeping his cool and being in control. I do believe they are working as a team, but I also believe that Chin is the official second in command. In this scene he again told Danny what to do. Besides, it makes perfect sense. Chin has more experience than Danny, he outranks him, and he knows how the island ‘works’. I wish they would play this card more often, at least when the action stuff is involved. I think Steve and Chin are great together.

• Alright, I love BAMF Steve, but please makeup and prop department, what the heck was this? Kevlar vest and tee shirt gets shredded, but the perfectly tanned smooth skin doesn’t even get scratched? Please! This called for road rash big time.

• Of course Chin and Danny also work well together. Great action scenes, even though I wonder how they managed to be completely alone on the street.

• Okay, I’m sure all the Kono fans were squealing in delight, but I only cringed. There is just no way in hell that tiny little Kono would kick that highly trained military guy’s butt. Those scenes are simply ridiculous. That was even worse than Kono pulling her cousin up when he was hanging from the roof in 3.03. That was just as stupid. Even Steve wasn’t able to pull a guy up in season two and had to let him fall to his death. But Kono pulls her cousin up. Right. And this falls into the same category. I look the other way quite often, but if it comes to physical impossible things, I’m sorry, but that just goes too far.

• But at least Kono had some battle wounds, contrary to Steve, who just needed a new tee shirt.

• And one other thing to complain about. This was just too much. Of course the old guy had a heartbreaking story to tell. Which of course made Mary realize that she had to talk to her mom. Hear me groaning?

• But that lead to this, and who would not love their reunion. That was a really great emotionally, heartwarming scene. Very well done.

• And let’s not forget this scene. Their reunion made one guy obviously quite happy.

So, I guess now it’s time for the verdict. After my initial disappointment about not having any  scenes of Mom, Steve and Mary together, I must say I really liked this episode.

It will not make it into my top 10, simply because of way too much Kono, and almost no Danny and Steve in it.

But I still rate it a good B.

3 thoughts on “Random thoughts on 3.07 Ohuna

  1. I have to agree with you. I would give it a B as well… just not enough of the “boys” together. I did like Mary and Mom, but hope they don’t just leave it there… unless Mom goes back home with Mary for a while! And… I think my favorite scene was Steve and Mary in the airport (a) when he thought she had married the guy and (b) when he threatened to break his fingers if he touched Mary’s butt again. He will always be a protective big brother!


  2. I’m sorry, but your thoughts has more humour that your stories, seriously even If I agree with it… Still too funny 🙂
    But my favourite scene was the one when Mary comes to Doris and Steve saw it and smiles, kinda love “family reunions” in tv shows.


    • I’m glad I could make you smile. I think nothing on TV should be taken too seriously. 🙂

      I love Five-0, but I cannot just laugh with them but also at them. Some of the stuff they do is just too funny, and I love to point that out. But I never mean any disrespect.

      I highly respect what they are doing to entertain us. I think it’s a very hard business and not easy to keep everyone happy.


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