My thoughts on 3.06

I must admit I was rather reluctant to watch this episode. I was kind of dreading it. Why? Because I’m not interested in Danny’s back-story. Danny Williams is played by an actor who is in my opinion overacting in almost every scene. What other people see as great acting is for me annoying. I think it’s not a testament to good acting when you recognize the actor ‘acting’. Too much is not a good thing in my opinion. But that is a personal preference, and has nothing much to do with the quality of the show in general.

Anyway, seeing that I’m not a fan of Mr. Caan’s acting ability, and knowing that this episode would be heavily on his character, well, let’s just say, that is not my idea of a great episode.

But we’re talking about Hawaii Five-0 here, and despite my dislike of Danny Williams, there is always a lot to like about an episode. And to be fair I mostly like Danny when he’s with the others.

I really liked the unusual beginning with the scenes from the East Coast. It’s in such contrast to the colors of paradise we normally see as the opening of an episode.

And it was nice to know even back then Danny didn’t drive his car. 😉

I must say the whole entering the warehouse and of course getting captured by the bad guys dragged on too long. Not just in the beginning but mostly later when we get back to the ‘interrogation’. That was way too long for my taste.

Cut to Waikiki present time. Nicely done.

Okay, little nit picking here. I think it’s highly unlikely that our two heroes would have split up to go after the bad guy. But okay, fine.

Danny hot on the chase, and jumping over a scooter. Short guy… small obstacle.

Steve, hot on the chase and jumping over a car. Tall guy… big obstacle. Cute.

And here comes the prove that Danny is really not the smartest guy around. Danny, really, every rookie knows that you never, ever touch a guy with a bomb belt. What was he hoping would happen? That he would be able to disarm the bomb? Come on, Danny, you are not an expert whatsoever. I would have understood if Steve would have touched it, but not Danny. That was just stupid. Writers, you could have come up with another way for Danny to get in harm’s way, without letting him look like an idiot.

Oh, and welcome to the party, Steve. Took your own sweet time, didn’t you? Stopped for coffee on the way maybe?

Another nice cut to yet another timeline. Nine hours before all this started. And another little nit picking. That was a very strange body blown to pieces by an explosion. It didn’t look like a blast victim, not that I have seen many victims of such a blast in real life, but I have seen documentaries and wonder why the prop people obviously haven’t. That is not how a body looks like after being in close proximity of an explosion.

Loved the team banter on the scene. Very nice to see, even though I wonder about Chin. He seemed very cool about joking with Danny and referring to his wedding. I think we will see Chin crashing soon.

I still really like Catherine’s role on Five-0. I like that she is not just McGarrett’s girlfriend but a capable agent who helps out whenever she can. And this time Five-0 didn’t just need a favor. This time, I think she was there in an official capacity.

After this we got a Danny rant. And quite frankly, I think they could have done a lot better with the point they wanted to make. Yes, it is terrible that the world changed after 9/11. But please, Danny, look around you. Your buddy is right, you over dramatize it. Have you ever thought about the millions of children who live every day in a country that is at war or in civil unrest? Have you ever thought about the children that die every day because they don’t have enough food or no clean water? Who die of diseases no child need to die from anymore? And you complain about airport security being a bother? I know what they wanted to say, but they did a really poor job with it. And by the way, ‘we’ grew up during the cold war, and believe me, that was no fun either. There will always be a threat of some kind. This kind of ranting is the perfect example why I often don’t like Danny.

What I liked most about this episode, up to this point, is how they investigated the case. Everyone was involved and one puzzle piece led to the next. That was really neat.

And did you notice that Danny is the only one who is not wearing a thigh holster? Well, I guess it doesn’t go so well with dress pants. 😉

Okay, aside from the cool scenes of finding out where the bomb is placed and the evacuation and all that, I do have another little nit picking going on here. How the heck did the bad guy drive that highly unstable (as we learned earlier from Steve) armed bomb around Hawaii to park the car at Fort Shafter? He did not arm it in the parking lot. So, how come that guy didn’t blow himself up while driving around with it? Just saying.

Please put these two in a car and lock the doors; you will be entertained for hours on end.

I loved it how they fast forwarded back to the beginning with Danny almost triggering the bomb. And I loved how they portrayed the differences between Steve, who could pull out the SEAL in him, who was totally calm, collected and in control, so he could calm his friend down, so they all would live to see another day. And Danny, who was barely able to keep it together. I think these were the best scenes of the whole episode. They both did an amazing job with it.

I still think the time we spent with Danny back in 2001 in New Jersey was too long, but the scenes were not as bad as I thought they would be. At least they used the guest stars for more than a minute. It was very dramatic though that his partner Grace was killed. I didn’t expect that. Very cool.

If I would complain about something other than the length of that part in NJ, it would be the makeup they used to make SC look ten years younger. I don’t know what they were thinking, but he looks older than he does now. Not a good job.

It was a very cool reference to 9/11. Danny was saved by one of the biggest tragedies in modern times. We can’t choose what life serves us; what will result in tragedy for some might be the cause of being the luckiest day of another person’s life. That is just how life is.

I simply loved the last minutes of the bomb scenario. That was brilliant work, not just by the two actors, but by camera and editing. Just brilliant.

Two grown men crying… no words needed.

And how cute was the ending of the episode! Aww.

Okay, time for the verdict.

Despite the fact that I don’t really like the scenes in New Jersey 2001 that much, this episode gets a solid A. It will not make it into my top 5 because of too much Danny in it, but it’s a really great episode.

One thought on “My thoughts on 3.06

  1. finally found my way here…

    agree with your thoughts about the ep and danny/scott in general, i really liked it but – as you mentioned – the parts from new jersey were a little long.
    i do love the fact that one of the biggest tragedies in the last decade safed danny’s life – shows us something about luck…


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