Short review for 3.05 ‘Mohai’

• LOVED the beginning after the title sequence

Cath and Steve

• Steve’s plan of seduction was solid, even though who falls for Chucky? Steve, really?

Lovers on the couch

• The poor boy had to watch The Notebook… twice – aw, what you do for love

• Danny, she ditched you? Get used to it. Gracie is growing up. That was actually really cute, seeing Danny as the irritated dad.

• What a creepy and sick baddie, not even to mention his grandma. Wow.

• MAX! For the win! He is the coolest ME ever. I just love him.


• Chin’s new haircut. No, I’m not ashamed to say how much I love Chin.

Cath and Grace

• Great scene with Grace and Cath. I really like how they slowly integrate Catherine into the show and the team. She is there but not.

• Some might say there was not enough background on the killer. But do I really need to know why he did the things he did? I don’t think so. That he was off the rocker was very obvious, and what led to that is not really important in my opinion.

• Aw, the end. How great was that?! Of course our two lovebirds would get interrupted again. But that led to some great scenes. Loved it.

The end

All in all a very solid episode, I’ll give it a B. But with the beginning and the end scoring an A+. Can’t get much better than that, even though I’m sure Five-0 will prove me wrong.

Side note. Did you notice the ‘mom-spoiler’ in this one? This was supposed to be episode seven, after the reunion with Mary. Which we’ll get in two weeks. It seems to me it went over rather well since she is still staying at Steve’s place.

2 thoughts on “Short review for 3.05 ‘Mohai’

  1. I finally got to see this yesterday at 8pm and I so agree with all your thoughts!!! Nice nice episode!! Loved the opening scene, the closing scene and pretty well all scenes in between!!!


  2. I thought it was a wonderful, solid show. It was fun at the beginning and at the end with a lot of crazy people in the middle. I think the kid was crazy because grandma made him that way. Who knows how many people she had killed.


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