Monday-night changes

CBS completely changed their Monday-night program due to ‘Sandy’. I must say I have mixed feelings about that.

On the one hand I deeply feel for the people in the area affected by the storm, and I pray for them to be safe. And I count my blessings not to live in an area that has to face such devastating events. Hardly ever has. I’m sure at the moment they have bigger things on their minds than a TV schedule.

But on the other hand, I wonder why CBS changed their schedule. Because face it, the East Coast will not be back to normal on Tuesday or even Wednesday. How long is CBS going to plan not to show any new episodes of their shows? And quite frankly, the storm coverage, who was that for? Certainly not for the 7 million people on the East Coast who were or are without power? No, it was for us, the voyeurs watching big waves and flooded streets from our safe and dry houses.

So, excuse me if I wonder what the change was really about. We all know that TV is just about big money. And with that I don’t say that CBS doesn’t care about the people, I’m sure they do. But this was not because CBS wanted to make sure everyone can watch a new show.

BUT, I still commend them on their move. Whatever the reason, I’m sure the people not being able to watch are happy that they will get the chance to watch it next week. And the rest of us, not affected by the storm, can surely wait one week. I’m sure we will be happily sitting in front of our TV next week and enjoy the show.


2 thoughts on “Monday-night changes

  1. I’m not sure of the reasons behind the CBS decision, but I think they felt they were doing the responsible thing. Whether it was right or wrong, who knows? In the long run, things will sort out… although I will be pouting next Monday night if I am not near a TV to see the Halloween episode. But me not getting to watch what I want on TV is minuscule compared to the people on the east coast whose TVs… along with most of their belongings are waterlogged. So I’ll stop whining. For now. Well, you know me… so probably not for long. 🙂


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