Wow… just wow

After what I think was the disaster of IM2 here is the trailer for Iron Man 3.

This looks really great.

Is it April yet? NO, wait! That would mean Season 3 of Five-0 would be almost over. We can’t have that.

Starts in Europe in April 2013 and in the US in May 2013

5 thoughts on “Wow… just wow

  1. LOL… it LOOKS wonderful. I wasn’t expecting it to be in German… although I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting that. and I still have to watch IM2. Even though everyone I’ve heard from said it wasn’t good.


  2. Next week I’m going to be in Poland, maybe I’ll go with my brother, but I don’t know because cinema in our city it’s always late with movies, but anyway it’s worth it at least for me 😉
    Now I’m waiting for Thor 2 and Man of steel.


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