Really short review for 3×04


I think it was a great episode, with some wonderful scenes in it.

• Love Cath and Steve, they are awesome.

• Christine Lathi does such a great job. What the heck is mom up to?

• Good for Steve not to trust her. I really like that.

• Danny, you’re such a girl. LOL

• Best line: Stop playing with your gun. 🙂

• Chin was great in his scenes with mom. But he fell a bit short in the ep.

• Loved bad cop Steve! Don’t mess with him.

All in all a really great episode with a pretty boring case, but the cases are not why I watch H50 in the first place.

I’ll give it a solid B+




One thought on “Really short review for 3×04

  1. Agree with everything you say hon. And yes, I absolutely loved that he didn’t trust Mom…..I was a bit worried when he seemed to go along with her in the car but then cheered when he told Danny he didn’t trust her!!!


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