LOL, FTW and Co.

Just a random look at abbreviations and other strange habits

For twenty odd years now I’m using Email and the Internet. And in all those years I never got comfortable using too many abbreviations. Or worse even short forms of ‘real’ words, like many do in their emails or text messages.

The first and most important reason in the beginning was: “What the heck are they trying to tell me?”

All those letters seemed just randomly put together and didn’t make any sense to me. Until I discovered they are a new language. Nowadays everyone uses those simple combinations like LOL or FTW or not so nice ones like WTF. Everyone knows what they mean. Do they really?

And then a couple of years back I started with Twitter. Boy that was like a totally new ballgame. How do you say what you want to say with just 140 letters? You have to get creative. And some are so creative that you can’t even understand what they are trying to say.

I understand the need to shorten words for Twitter, but why do people also do it in an Email? Come on, people, it is common courtesy to write in real words. Use your words.

A very special pet peeve of mine is writing everything in lower case letters. Please don’t do that. It might not be such a big deal in English, but trust me it’s a very big deal in German. I simply don’t understand why people can’t use the ‘shift’ button. It’s not that difficult, everyone should be able to do it.

If you like to look up some abbreviations here is the right site for you:


One thought on “LOL, FTW and Co.

  1. Ok, didn’t know lower case drives you mad. I guess when I write steve, you grind your teeth??? Sorry. I hate the shift key on iPad.

    Oh, what is FTW? I don’t know. And the one I hate is idk. People use that on Facebook and it drives me mad.


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